Natural Capital Singapore

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Terrestrial work stream. Coastal and marine work stream. Economic work stream. Tool work stream. Benjamin Lee, Rachel Oh, Alex Yee. National Parks Board.

Natural Capital Singapore

Dan Friess Associate Professor Natural Capital Project and NUS [email protected]

Nature provides us with numerous ecosystem services (benefits to people) in Singapore

Air purification

Storage of carbon emissions

Water regulation Microclimate cooling

Recreation Coastal protection Fisheries

Nutrient cycling Pollutant trapping

Mental health

Ecosystem services (the benefits that ecosystems provide to people)

Economic and human development progress cannot be sustained if the ecosystems on which they depend are irreparably damaged (Helen Clark, UNDP, Singapore 2012).

It enables management interventions to be multi-functional; to consider not just single stocks, components or services but the full range of inter-related ecosystem components and processes.

Pavan Sukhdev (Director of TEEB) “[It] is not about valuing nature. It’s

about improving our accounting systems to capture those services that are currently not considered.

The stock of natural capital can be considered as a national asset

Manufactured and financial capital

Human and social capital

Natural capital

Natural capital has been assessed globally and in several countries


Millennium Ecosystem Assessment


UK National Ecosystem Assessment


Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Finland

This project is the first to be conducted at the national scale in the tropics

The Natural Capital Team

Lead Principal Investigators

Adrienne Grêt-Regamey ETH Zurich

Dan Friess Geography, NUS

Project coordinator

Justine Saunders SEC Future Cities Laboratory

Research coordinator

Dan Richards SEC Future Cities Laboratory

Terrestrial work stream

Coastal and marine work stream

Benjamin Lee, Rachel Oh, Alex Yee National Parks Board

Dan Friess, Erik Yando, Sasha Soto Geography, NUS

Dan Richards, Peter Edwards, Leon Gaw SEC Future Cities Laboratory

Natasha Bhatia, Patrick Martin, Chen Mengli Asian School of Environment, NTU

Tan Puay Yok, Winston Chow Architecture and Geography, NUS

Economic work stream

Roman Carrasco Biological Sciences, NUS

Tool work stream

Adrienne Grêt-Regamey ETH Zurich

Gonzalo Carrasco SMART

Assessing Singapore’s Natural Capital

Objective 1: quantify the current status and health of Singapore’s terrestrial and coastalmarine ecosystems Objective 2: quantify the value of Singapore’s terrestrial and coastal/marine ecosystems to Society. Objective 3: assess tradeoffs between urban development (urban assets) and natural capital (natural assets) Objective 4: assess future policy and development opportunities that integrate natural capital within a sustainable future city

Outputs • A series of collaborative workshops with task force of experts throughout the project • Practitioner-focused ebook reporting the current status and future prospects of Singapore’s natural capital • National-scale Information on different Natural Capitals present in Singapore • Maps and data for integration with existing portals e.g. Virtual Singapore, GeoSpace

• Prototype decision-support tool for land managers and agencies

Challenges • We have a huge amount of data in Singapore, but how to access it? • We have a huge amount of data in Singapore, but how to harmonize it? • How to integrate with existing data portals? • How to format and present data in a way that is useful for the end user(s)? • How to ensure that our work stays policy-relevant? • Singapore is very heterogeneous, which provides a challenge for defining and quantifying Natural Capital

Our ultimate aim To incorporate natural capital into the planning process

Natural Capital Singapore

Dan Friess Associate Professor [email protected]

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