NY'OC Trobadors - Nicole Peyrafitte

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Apr 21, 2013 ... poetry to an American public. ... —a bilingual anthology of Occitan Poetry with texts, ... Rothenberg he edited Poems for the Millennium, vol.

BOWERY ARTS+SCIENCE Presents: Sunday April 21 2013 3PM

Joan Francés Tisnèr Domenja Lekuona Nicole Peyrafitte Sunday April 21 2013 Pierre Joris 3PM special guest:

Michael Bisio Performance / Presentation: Performance / Presentation

Joan Francés Tisnèr Domenja Lekuona Nicole Peyrafitte Pierre Joris special guest:

Michael Bisio NY’OC Trobadors, a collaborative project between artists based in France and New York, brings the riches of southern France’s troubadour tradition to an American public. This unique gatheringa of bi-continental project poets, musicians, singers for NY’OC Trobadors, collaborative in preparation translators will ready present to an bring introduction to whatof will a long& time, is now the riches Occitan become both a fully staged bilingual (Occitan-English) poetry to an American public. multimedia performance and a bilingual anthology of Occitan This unique gathering of & bi-continental poets,themusicians, poetry with texts, poems song lyrics spanning 11th singers & translators (see bios below) will present an century to the present. With performances by Joan Francés introduction of what will become: Tisnèr, Domenja Lekuona, Nicole Peyrafitte, and Pierre Joris with special Michael(Occitan-English) Bisio. To sustain this rich — a fully stagedguest bilingual multimedia tradition, please performance and click here or join us at the event!

—a bilingual anthology of Occitan Poetry with texts, poems & song lyrics spanning theCLUB 11th century to the BOWERY POETRY present. Venue: 308 Bowery (between Houston & Bleecker )

FREE EVENT 1 drink minimum



Bios: Project director: Joan Francés Tisnèr, a Gascon composer, musician, singer who has dedicated his artistic career to the Occitan culture & langage. Since the 80‘s he has composed, directed & performed projects all featuring Occitan culture related topics. His productions include works on acclaimed Occitan contemporary poets such as Max Rouquette, Bernard Manciet and more recently Sèrgi Javaloyès. Joan Francés Tisnèr teaches master classes of Occitan music, voice, tonton (the occitan string drum) & interpretation at the National Music Conservatory of Toulouse & at the Poitiers University. He is also cofounder of the Calendretas (Occitan langage schools). more info: http://joanfrancestisner.com/

Jakes Aymonino is a Basco-Bearnais composer, singer & musician. From Baroque repertoire as a singer: Monteverdi ‘s Il Ritorno of Ulysse in Patria at the Teatro Olimpico de Vicenza; Kouroupos Pyladis created in Athens with actress Mélina Mercouri, to improvisation guitar & voice with such French legends Bernard Lubat, Benat Achiary. Among several works commissioned: Mapamondi (2003 by French Ministery of Culture); Babel Europe (2007–comissioned by the Europeen Commission of Cultural Affairs) a project that included 70 musiciens, 6 soloists from 15 countries. Since 1994 he leads Manufacture Verbale, an artist collective creating projects in minority communities in remote places place as North Africa & Eastern Europe. More info at:http:// chantiervocal.fr/les-artistes/jakes-aymonino/

Pierre Joris has moved between the US, Great Britain, North Africa, France & Luxembourg for 50 years, publishing over 50 books of poetry, translations, anthologies, essays. Forthcoming in 2013 translation & essay on the late poetry of Paul Celan Farrar, Straus & Giroux, in 2012 Diwan Iffrikya: An Anthology of North African Writings from Prehistory to Today, co-edited with Habib Tengour (University of California Press); in 2012 Chax Press will publish the complete Meditations on the Stations of Mansur al-Hallaj (poems) With Jerome Rothenberg he edited Poems for the Millennium, vol. 1 & 2: The University of California Book of Modern & Postmodern Poetry. He lives in Brooklyn NY, he teaches poetry & poetics at the State University of New York, Albany. More info: www.pierrejoris.com.

Domenja Lekuona, is a syndicated radio producer for several Occitan radio. Since 1990 she produces & presents En Ondas, a weekly radio show dedicated to Occitan literature. She studied history at the University of Bordeaux with a focus on Occitan history, culture & literature. For 5 years she was director of publication of the Occitan literary magazine Reclams. From 2005 till 2009 she was a teacher and a leading force at Centre Formation Professional Occitan in Pau. All of Domenja professional endeavors are dedicated to transmit her culture & language. She had also been the administrative producer Joan Francés Tisnèr productions since 2000. More info: http://domenja.blogspot.fr/

Nicole Peyrafitte, is a Gasco-Rican pluridisciplinary artist born and raised in the Gascon-French Pyrenees. Nicole’s eclectic background, experiences of shaping identity across two continents & four languages informs her multifaceted works. Her texts, voice, paintings, videos, & cooking where displays in: Ninon; The Bi-Continental Chowder/La Garbure Transcontinentale; Whisk don’t Churn. Her latest projects are: “Basil King: MIRAGE” a film she co-directed with Miles Joris-Peyrafitte & “Bi-Valve: Vulvic Spave /Vulvic Knowledge” a series paintings, bilingual texts & performance (Stockport Flats). She often collaborates with poet/essayist/translator Pierre Joris. The work has been presented and/or performed in such venues as The Metropolitan Museum, the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, The University of Bordeaux, Birbeck College at the University of London, Poets House NYC, The Poetry Project NYC, Festival Occitania in Toulouse, Estivada de Rodez. for more info: www.nicolepeyrafitte.com

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Supporting the NY’OC Trobadors Project: This 3 folds project still needs support in order to reach its final destination and is currently looking for financial & residency partners in the USA Fold #1:

April 14-23 2013 : Residency in NYC: -Finalizing editorial choices & structure of anthology -Outline of performance -Meeting with potential publishers -Performance/presentation April 21 3PM at Bowery Poetry Club July 29-August 5 : Residency in Gascony: -Continuation of editorial & translation work -Preface & commentaries writing -Final draft of performance script & beginning of rehearsal

Fold #2:

Fold #3:

November 2013 : Residency in NYC: -Two-weeks residency to finalize anthology translations - Performance rehearsals -Performance première & Workshop sponsored by Poets House & City Lore -Final draft of anthology delivered to publisher Fall 2014 : USA/Canada

Publication of American Anthology Two weeks performance/book tour USA/Canada with emphasis on universities & cultural centers. Committed partners: City Lore Poets House D’Artagnan DRAC Aquitaine Bowery Arts+Science

Your (tax deductible) generous donations to the NY’OC Trobadors project is accepted by City Lore

To sustain this rich tradition, please click here THANK YOU! for more info: email

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