Obstanovka Meeting 12-13 March 2007 Budapest

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Experiment Interface Types. RS422 - LP, LP, DP, DP, baud rate 38,4k. RS422 - CORES, baud rate 115,2k. RS422 - RFA, baud rate 19,2k. RS232 – ...

János Nagy, Kálmán Balajthy, Sándor Szalai, István Horváth Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Wigner Research Center for Physics, (former name KFKI-RMKI), Budapest, Hungary  

International Space Station Research Investigations and Experiments IKI RAS, Moscow, Russia, April 9-11, 2015

Block Diagram of Obstanovka



Advantages of Multiprocessor Arrangement experiments are located on two space branches both are galvanic isolated, and supplied by power from different feeders individual DACU units in every branch suppress coupled noise, EMC interactions and avoids creating ground loops Reserve computing capacity by distributing tasks between two parts

Location of DACU Units in ISS



Experiment Interface Types RS422 - LP, LP, DP, DP, baud rate 38,4k RS422 - CORES, baud rate 115,2k RS422 - RFA, baud rate 19,2k RS232 – DFM2 SAS3 10 Mbit/s Ethernet Analogue Inputs DFM1, CWZ, CWZ +-2V Normal and Burst mode

Three Onboard Computers of Obstanovka


The opened BSTM, PC/104 cards and heatsink is visible


BSTM Interface Types Ethernet 10 or 100 Mbit/s - ISS Onboard Ethernet 10 Mbit/s, optically isolated –Amateur

Radio Special Onboard Interface, optically isolated – BITS Special Onboard Interface, optically isolated – Slow Telemetry DACU1, DACU2, SAS3 - Ethernet 10 Mbit/s, optically isolated


PC/104 cards Processor card DC-DC Power Supply unit Serial interface card Ethernet switch and HUB power switch cards BITS interface card Slow Telemetry Interface Analog-to-digital converter EGSE cards Simple signal conditioners, in DACU



Critical Technological Points Power consumption BSTM 30 Watt, DACU 12 Watt Weight, mass BSTM 4.7kg, DACU 3.1kg Thermo vacuum test Vibration test EMC Data Transmission through Ethernet between BSTM and DACU units HDD power and vibration test


Input current at Power On

Test Facilities, Vacuum Test and Vibration Test



First Heatsink


First Heatsink

Redesigned Heatsink



2.5” Removable HDD RACK

Ethernet Test UTP - Unshielded Twisted Pair - cable of cat 5 was

applied in transmission tests. The nine-meter long cable contained two pairs of PC-50 and six pairs of PC-19 type connectors. The distance between the neighboring connectors measured 1 m.


Major Results of Testing Ethernet Line for ISS 100 MHz transmission speed could be achieved.

There was no loss in data packets during long time test without external noise. External noise sensitivity is high, especially at connectors. Waveform distortion reached 5-7%, and it was 15% if external noise was applied. The application of S-STP – shielded twisted pair – with galvanic connected connectors is suggested


Arrangement of Ethernet Test



BSTM functions Long term storage of enormous data amount Transfer of some data to Earth through different

radio channels Control of the experiments: radio + scenario Powering the experiments

Commanding the experiments (mode and parameter


Data Quotas Daily Quota = storage capacity / 180 day / 11

experiments. Same for each experiment. Restquota = unused quota of previous day. Redistributed in portion of used space of previous day. A very simple example with 2 experiments: 1. Day: used 40/100 and 100/100 units, remained 60 2. Day: used 40/117 and 143/143, remained 77 3. Day: used 40/116 and 161/161, remained 76


Stored data format One new file in each hour Each record contains: Identification: the experiment number Time stamp of origin, when the data block was

created (by the DACU / SAS3 / BSTM) Indicators and control information for example: block length, Housekeeping / science data indicator



Communication channels IUS On Board Ethernet of RS-ISS Accepts commands from Earth, and sends acknowledgement of them  Sends housekeeping data to Earth Generates time stamps BITS Bit Serial Interface Slow telemetry AMR Amateur Radio Channel


Properties of channels Radio visibility: 3 times 5 minutes / day Slow bode rate, only some housekeeping data can be

transferred AMR can be used from different points of the Earth, But AMR is dedicated for educational purposes

Telecommand Generated in EGSE Processed in Command

Center IUS receives radio command, forwards it through BSTM - DACU to experiment BSTM sends acknowledgement Execution at once



Scenario Generated in EGSE Copy on new data storage disc Astronaut changes the disc in the BSTM A scenario contains: Powering commands for DACU Mode commands and parameters for the experiments Delays


Astronaut operations Mounting and caballing the devices Powering BSTM, DACUs BSTM indicates connected DACUs Indicators for disk change Switch BSTM power off Change the data storage pack Switch BSTM power on

Installation of Obstanovka in the space in April 2013



Obtanovka team in Budapest

Thank you for your attention!