Percy Jackson And the Olympians ReadAlikes

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Page 1. Percy Jackson And the Olympians. ReadAlikes. Dark of the Moon. Tracey Barrett. YA FIC Barrett. Daughter of Smoke and. Bone. Laini Taylor.

Percy Jackson And the Olympians ReadAlikes Dark of the Moon

Pandora Gets Jealous

Tracey Barrett YA FIC Barrett

Carolyn Hennesy J FIC Hennesy

Daughter of Smoke and Bone

The Red Pyramid

Laini Taylor YA FIC Taylor

The Fire of Ares Michael Ford YA FIC Ford

Gods of Manhattan Scott Mebus J FIC Mebus

Nobody’s Princess Esther Friesen YA FIC Friesen

Oh. My. Gods. Tera Lynn Childs YA FIC Childs

Created especially for Peninsula Public Library by Rhonda Todtman

Rick Riordan YA FIC Riordan

Runemarks Joanne Harris YA FIC Harris

The Shadow Thieves Anne Ursu J FIC Ursu

Troy Adèle Geras YA FIC Geras

Zeus, King of the Gods George O’Connor [GRAPHIC] J FIC O’Connor