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bearing style shafts have a sleeve on the ... result in vibration, or no 4th gear. New. OEM replacements are prohibitively ... many OEM powertrain and wet wheel ... The TOWLOC is available for Ford ... thing you'll need to know to successfully .... availability of their new 2002 and up ... use in the Ford Explorer and Mercury.

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System (ROSS) from Rostra Precision Controls, Inc., uses microwave technolo-

NEW PERSONNEL AND PRODUCTS FROM SONNAX Sonnax has recently announced that Joseph Lombardi is now responsible for the sales and account maintenance of products in the Transmission Specialties line. Joe has several years experience Joseph Lombardi in both inside and outside sales, and has degrees in Economics and Political Science from the University of London and in Third World Economic Development from the Open University of England. Joe speaks both Spanish and Portuguese, and currently resides in Brattleboro, Vermont with his wife Raquel and son Elias.

Coming in the spring of 2003, Sonnax will offer the 4th clutch hub replacements for the 4T60-E/4T60. The early bearing style part number is 84860A, and the late bushing style part number is 84860B. Both bushing and bearing style shafts have a sleeve on the outside of the small end of the shaft, and the bearing style with outer sleeve retrofits to the earliest style shaft that had a bearing without the outer sleeve. The 4th clutch plate splines on the hub are often damaged by the 4th clutch friction plates cutting into the splines. Also, wear of the splines at the small end of the shaft can result in vibration, or no 4th gear. New OEM replacements are prohibitively expensive. Used shafts often have excessive wear. So these Sonnax replacement hubs provide a quality solution for a lower cost than existing hubs.




GEARS does not endorse new products but makes this new information available to readers. If you have a new product, please send the press release information with applicable photo or drawing to GEARS, 2400 Latigo Avenue, Oxnard, CA 93030.


gy to warn drivers when an obstacle is in their path. This system uses a series of beeps that increase in intensity as the object draws closer, while also incorporating an in-dash light display. Mounted out of sight behind the rear bumper, the system alerts drivers to obstacles up to 12 feet to the rear of the sensor. It works in the dark and in all weather conditions. The system is available in more than 45 applications, including most SUVs, pickups, minivans and passenger vehicles. ROSS has a suggested retail price of $399, installed, and comes with a three year, 36,000-mile warranty. For more information, visit www.rostra.com.


With great sadness and heavy hearts, Transmission Parts Center staff, customers, and suppliers, mourn the loss of Rick Christian, president and operator of TPC, who passed away on the 20th of January in Brentwood, Maryland. Rick was a driving force in TPC for 25 years, having worked his way up within the

business to eventually assume ownership in 1996. During that time he maintained a reputation as a “no nonsense” businessman with qualities of honesty and integrity that created a vast following of friends and associates. In addition to those relations, he always held the respect of a loyal staff. While Rick will be missed throughout the industry, Transmission Parts Center will continue business through the efforts of his wife, Sue Christian, and his dedicated employees. To all who have offered condolences and prayers, we thank you.


Raybestos Powertrain has recently announced the introduction of an innovative product, the SW Carbon Torque Converter Wafer (patent applied for). The revolutionary SW Carbon material was developed to be extremely durable, while providing smooth and efficient performance. This is also the only replacement material that meets the OEM specification for GM’s carbon material torque converter wafer. Raybestos Powertrain General Manager Al Avila had this to say about their latest offering: “Other replacement part suppliers claim their parts are almost as good as OE. I emphasize almost as good. The Raybestos carbon torque converter wafer really performs at the OE level. The other choices are poor substitutes.” In development since 1999, the new material is expected to find its way into many OEM powertrain and wet wheel brake applications within the next few years. GEARS April 2003

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For more information about SW Carbon and other Raybestos Powertrain product innovations, contact Raybestos Powertrain LLC, at 765.364.4561, or visit the web site at www.raybestospowertrain.com.


The TOWLOC is BD’s new programmable transmission and converter control; the most powerful transmission control yet. The TOWLOC monitors the operation of the vehicle speed, engine speed, and engine load to compute the optimum transmission control algorithm. This process controls transmission downshifting as well as torque converter operation for optimum results. You can also customize the unit for the ultimate transmission control for truck operation with an exhaust retarder, and a higher performance engine. The TOWLOC is available for Ford and Dodge diesel pick up trucks, with prices that start at $599. For more information call 800.887.5030, or visit the web site: www.dieselperformance.com.

training course on vehicle electronics is now available on CD. Each CD contains the full 60-lesson course, review tests and answers, lesson supplements, and five free sample selections from lessons. A complete-lesson-by-lesson breakdown is also included. Technicians may purchase the full 60-lesson set at one time, or purchase lessons in blocks of 12. The 60 lessons cover vehicle electrical and electronic troubleshooting training, from an introduction to electrical and electronic systems, all the way through the troubleshooting of vehicle computers, sensors and actuator circuits. The CD ROM-60 permits printing of three complete sets of purchased lessons, and five years of viewing the purchased lessons on a computer screen. The CD can be installed on only one computer, and must be in the computer’s CD drive to view and print lessons. The 60-lesson set is $299, or $69 for blocks of 12. CD ROM-60 lessons are authorized to open each purchased lesson block over the Internet, or by Direct Installation through a phone call to Veejer Enterprises if an Internet connection is not available. The CD ROM-60 may be purchased from their web site at www.veejer.com. For more information call Veejer Enterprises at 800.694.1294.


wheel grinders to technologically advanced, computerized Head Machining Centers. Contact Barb, Peggy or Randy today for your index to excellence 800.533.5339.


The SPX Corporation has released its new 2003 Standard Clutch Kits and Components Catalog. The new catalog contains more than 120 pages of comprehensive information and application data. The new catalog provides up-to-date applications and descriptions for both Domestic and Import applications. Complete five-piece kit (cover, disc, release bearing, pilot bearing and alignment tool) with all new clutch components and limited lifetime warranty. SPX ProSelect Clutch Kits. Guaranteed for Life. For more information visit our web site at www.spxfiltran.com.



Hardparts For Transmissions is proud to announce the newest addition to their series of rebuilding manuals, writ-

Veejer Enterprises has recently announced that its 60-lesson home-study GEARS April 2003

Short, Sweet and to the point … the new DCM Tech product line brochure briefly touches on the highlights and features of our American-made products. This literature was created with the shop owner’s busy schedule in mind. Call us for in-depth detailed information on everything from manual operated fly73

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POWERTRAIN INDUSTRY NEWS ten by Greg Catanzaro of “TransOnline.” These 75+ page manuals cover everything you’ll need to know to successfully rebuild and troubleshoot the Ford/Mazda CD4E, VW 095, 096, 01M Mercedes 722.3/4 and the GM 4T60E transmissions. All pages are protected in plastic to make them virtually “shop proof.” For more information call 800.776.4433.


products are factory calibrated and tested, as are all other Rostra products. These original ZF transmission parts are available through your local Rostra distributor.

Also from Rostra

Save 50% over individual piece pricing, plus get a free sturdy storage case that conveniently fits inside a tool chest drawer. The TK 900 Teckpak tool kit contains: · NEW slide hammer pump adapter for 3/8 SEA to 10mm. This tool will adapt your old 3/8 SAE slide hammer to a 10mm thread design for use on foreign and domestic pumps. · Servo Capsule Driver for 700R4 and 4L60E · Servo Capsule Remover · 440T4 Servo Capsule Remover · GM 4L60E & 4L80E harness removal tool · Ford Cooler Line Installation kit · AOD Shift valve bore sealing tool · Yoke Seal Installation tool · 440 Internal Metal-Clad Seal Puller · Miscellaneous O-Ring clip yoke seals. Save time, save money … order the TECKPAK TOOL KIT today from your local parts distributor. And remember to ask for and accept only genuine Fitzall parts.

… their new Speed Sensor Harness Repair Kit for Chrysler A604 and A606 (Rostra # 350-0059). Features include improved connector seals that resist moisture and hold their position longer, heavier wire insulation that resists cracks, insulation that is cut at the leadends to ensure easy stripping, and shrink tubes with adhesive lining to form seals around soldered connections. Initial stocking purchase: 5% discount (two case minimum). All initial orders must be noted on P.O. for discount to be given. For more information call Rostra Precision Controls, Inc., at 800.782.3379.


ZF PARTS NOW AVAILABLE THROUGH ROSTRA Rostra Precision Controls, Inc., now offers an extensive line of solenoid kits, sensors and wire harnesses for ZF automatic transmissions. Most four and five speed applications are available. All 74

Certified Transmission has recently named Jim Fritz to the position of Plant Manager for their Fort Dodge, Iowa, operation. He will be responsible for providing the excellent resources and high quality products that exceeds the expectations of Certified’s customers. Jim comes to Certified with ten years experience in plant operations and 15 years experience in engineering and quality assurance. Certified would like you to join them in their welcome to Jim, and encourages their customers to do the same! You can reach him at 800.362.2189.

TCRA ANNOUNCES ANNUAL SEMINAR & ELECTS OFFICERS The Torque Converter Rebuilders Association (TCRA) has recently announced the appointment and election of several association officers and board members. Ken Cluck of Oregon Converters has been elected president; Mike Smith of East Coast Converters has joined TCRA as a new board member; Carole Myers has been appointed executive director, and will handle the day to day operations of TCRA, and the annual seminar. Dennis Sneath has been appointed chairman of the newsletter committee - after producing the last three and doing a great job! The annual TCRA seminar has also been announced. It will be held at Accurate Transmission in Mundelein, IL, on May 16-17, 2003. Hotel reservations can be made at the Crowne PlazaNorthshore. Call 847.970.6908 and ask for Lisa, and make sure to mention your call is associated with the seminar. Additional information and registration can be accessed by calling Len Wack at Sonnax - 800.843.2600, or Carole Myers at 480.767.3535. Along with several great speakers and the hands-on experience at Accurate, Rich Kuempel has graciously invited attendees to a barbeque at his home on Saturday evening. Additional contact numbers for membership or information are: Dick Lewis (VP, Midwest Converter Supply, 800.383.3265); Ronnie Hartman (Torco, 915.698.6667); or Mike Watson (Your Transmission Man, 256.353.7982).

Jim Fritz GEARS April 2003

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ULTRACORK PRODUCTS NOW AVAILABLE BY WEB OR FAX ULTRACORK Products from Amorim Industrial Solutions, are now available by ordering direct from the web site (www.amorimperformancesolutions.com) or by fax (262.862.2500). Shop owners have been responding very favorably by the ease of direct ordering and efficient delivery, as well as the costeffective pricing. For those who may wish to receive the latest catalog, simply call 800.558.3206.


Installer set, and the T-3531 Saturn Servo Piston Seal Installer Set. Cutting the molded seal is a common problem while assembling the four-clutch pistons into their appropriate drums. The use of these tools will avoid that potential damage. For more information contact ATEC Trans-Tool at 800.531.5978, or contact them via email at [email protected]

The new Slauson location is at 15407 S. Broadway in the city of Gardena, CA; centrally located to serve L.A.'s transmission shops. Will-call and same-day delivery will be offered, and the location will carry the most extensive inventory available. The doors are scheduled to open on March 3rd. Phone hours are from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm PST, Monday through Friday. Local will-call sales hours are 8:00 am - 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Call 800.421.5580, or (local) to 310.768.2099. Fax to 310.768.8298, or visit the on line site at www.slauson.com.



TransTec has recently announced availability of their new 2002 and up Ford 5R55W Overhaul Kit (#2417), for use in the Ford Explorer and Mercury Mountaineer. The 5R55W is externally similar to the 5R555N, but many differences are readily apparent once you’re inside the unit. The “W” unit is a synchronous unit, whereas the “N” is nonsynchronous, with the intermediate sprag, and the clutch and piston housing left out in favor of a spacer behind the sun shell. There are other differences as well, all of which make this your kit of choice for the indicated applications. The kits are in stock and ready for immediate delivery.

HOT NEWS FROM ATEC - HARD TO FIND SATURN TOOLS From ATEC Trans-Tool is the brand-new T-0100-AG-RE System … hard to find Saturn tools that are next to impossible to find anywhere else: the T-3530 Saturn Clutch Piston Seal GEARS April 2003

Slauson Transmission Parts, a Southern California-based, international transmission parts distributor, has refocused its efforts on reclaiming position in the local Los Angeles parts market. This is a homecoming for the company that was founded in 1964 by current President Kirk Wilson, in its original location on Slauson Avenue in the heart of Los Angeles. As the company grew and began to acquire national and international customers, the business plan shifted to concentrate on wider markets. This lead to a move out of L.A. in 1987 to a larger warehouse, geared toward wide-area shipping. The following years brought growth and success to Slauson, but at the expense of local markets. Wilson and his partner Malcolm Bader have shared the goal of improving their service to local customers, and bring the benefit of Slauson's cutting-edge R&D, catalog technology, and full-line of transmission products to those shops closest to them. "Customers have been telling us for years that they rely on Slauson when they can't find what they need from their local supplier, and would love to make us their primary distributor. We've finally reached the point where we can provide the service levels of a local store, and be the only call they need to make," said Wilson. "We're excited to get back to our roots in the local marketplace. We started here, and we're glad to be coming home."

The full series of TripleLok torque converters is now available from ATS Power in Denver. The TripleLok converters are custom built in sizes ranging from 9.5" gas high-stall, to 13.5" diesel lowstall. TripleLok gets the power to the ground with a heavy-duty machined billet cover and billet lock-up piston to maximize the holding power, an innovative triple-disc clutch design to eliminate slippage and an optimized CNC machined stator producing maximum torque multiplication to get you off the line faster. TripleLok has three times the surface area, and handles three times the torque of our leading competitor. TripleLok has been in research and development for over two years, and has excelled in rigorous conditions ranging from 9- second quarter mile runs to extreme torque diesel engines. Confidence in TripleLok is so high, it's backed by a 36- month unlimited horsepower warranty. For more information visit the ATS web site at WWW.ATSDiesel.com