PPT WebEx Best Practices

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WebEx PowerPoint Best Practices. Master Slides. While WebEx does not officially support master slides, they can work if you only use one slide master.

Best Practices for creating PowerPoint presentations to use in WebEx web meetings

WebEx PowerPoint Best Practices

Master Slides While WebEx does not officially support master slides, they can work if you only use one slide master. If multiple master slides are present, WebEx can get confused about which master slide should be used for each slide in the deck (causing problems such as slides with incorrect or missing backgrounds, incorrect fonts, etc.) So, optimally your presentation should include: • Only one slide master that includes the formatting used by a majority of the slides in your presentation. • All other slides in the presentation (that do not use the master slide) should be formatted individually. You can do this by right-clicking on the slide and choosing “Background,” then checking “Omit background graphics from master.” After doing this, you can format the slide(s) individually without creating additional master slides.

WebEx PowerPoint Best Practices

Image Quality Inserted images should be in JPG/GIF/PNG format. For presentations with a lot of images and/or a lot of slides, either the JPG or PNG formats are recommended. Copy/paste images should be in BMP format. It’s best if you copy from a BMP image or first convert that image to BMP instead of copy/pasting the JPG/GIF/PNG images, as the graphic may become distorted. Backgrounds should use BMP or large (height/width) JPG images that can be squeezed down to fit the slide area without text embedded. Summary: When in doubt, use BMP. BMP provides a clearer, better image quality than the other formats. Due to the compression that is used for the other formats, images can become distorted and grainy or rough around the edges.

Image Placement In some cases, images or objects that are grouped together within PowerPoint will not be in the proper place when you share the presentation in WebEx. It is recommended that you ungroup such images/objects.

Image Size In some cases, large images that are inserted into PowerPoint and then resized to be smaller may not display correctly when sharing the presentation in WebEx. It is recommended that you resize the images (with an image editing application, for example) prior to inserting them into the presentation.

WebEx PowerPoint Best Practices

Powerpoint Version When sharing a presentation, you will see the best results when sharing from an Office 2000 system. That is not to say that you will definitely encounter problems with Office 2002/2003, however UCF technology was originally developed for Office 2000 and WebEx is most compatible with this version. You also have the option of saving the presentation as a UCF document from an Office 2000 system prior to your meeting, as the UCF document can be shared from any computer with any version of Office and should consistently look as it did on the Office 2000 system.

Animations The following animations are known to have problems in WebEx: • Bounce Left • Bounce Right • Curved Square • Stairs Down For best results avoid using these animations.

Transparencies Images that use transparency gradients (a transparency that fades into a color, for example) are known to display incorrectly when shared within WebEx. For best results avoid using these transparencies.

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