preterm birth, preeclamsia, prematurity and

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Hipertensiunea gestaÅ£ională la prima sarcină se asociază cu un risc scăzut de cancer mamar indiferent de durata ... term reduction of this risk [9, 10]. Thus, the ...

Review article

Obstetrica }i Ginecologia LXV (2017) 73- 78

PRETERM BIRTH, PREECLAMSIA, PREMATURITY AND SUBSEQUENT BREAST CANCER RISK I. Goidescu1, #, Cerasela Goidescu 2, #, D.T. Eniu3, R. Micu1, F. Stamatian1 1. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology I, UMF ‘Iuliu Haţieganu’, Cluj-Napoca, Romania 2. Department of Internal Medicine, Cardiology and Gastroenterology, 1st Medical Clinic, UMF “Iuliu Haţieganu” Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 3. Department of Surgical Oncology, “Ion Kiricuţă” Cancer Center, UMF ‘Iuliu Haţieganu’, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Abstract Numerous studies in recent decades have attempted to demonstrate a link between reproductive factors and breast cancer risk, with conflicting results. In recent years, epidemiological studies have attempted to find an association between perinatal or intrauterine events and breast cancer risk. The most carefully studied were pregnancy hypertensive disorders and prematurity, knowing that through the hormonal changes these two pathologies can influence the risk of breast cancer. Extreme prematurity (

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