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Mar 2, 2018 - A. Lovâsz: Ore genesis related to seafloor hydrothermal processes in the Dinarides – Gabbro hosted ... Awards: Best Student Talk + Poster.

Program-3rd GOOD Meeting 2018 GeoZentrum Nordbayern, Erlangen 28.02.2018 5.00 pm


Geologie Übungsraum

8.00 am 8.30 am

Registration desk Morning Coffee

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Welcome Address (Prof. Dr. Reiner Klemd, Dr. Patrick Nadoll) Keynote Talk: Prof. Dr. Andreas Audétat: The use of fluid inclusions and melt inclusions in ore deposit research 1 M. Kern: Distribution of platinum-group elements in footwall parapyroxenites from the Platreef, Bushveld Complex, South Africa 2 M. Junge: The distribution of platinum-group elements in sulfides on a nanometer-scale Coffee Break

11.00 am


12.20 pm

A. v. Heydebrand: Investigation of PGE-enrichment in the Panton layered mafic-ultramafic intrusion, Kimberley, Western Australia 4 A. Lovâsz: Ore genesis related to seafloor hydrothermal processes in the Dinarides – Gabbro hosted stockwork mineralisations in the Albanian Western and Eastern Ophiolite Belts 5 S. Bejtullahu: REE mineralization in the pegmatite and carbonatite dykes in the Aghracha area, South Morocco 6 R. Benaouda: REE and Nb mineralization in the newly discovered carbonatite and associated rocks of the Ouled Dlim Massif in the Reguibat Shield (South Morocco) Lunch – Poster Session

Geologie Übungsraum Lecture Theatre

2.00 pm


3.20 pm

L. Schmitt: Origin of Ba-Sr mineralization within the Muensterland Basin and the northern margin of the Rhenish Massif – preliminary results of a strontium isotope study 8 K. Schier: The Geochemistry of Ga in Marine Ferromanganese Precipitates 9 S. Henning: Trace and minor element variations in sulfides from the Ruhr district and comparison with data from the Bergisches Land district 10 C. Patten: Behaviour of Au and other metals during magmatic differentiation of supra-subduction oceanic crust: insights from the Troodos ophiolite Coffee Break – Poster Session

Geologie Übungsraum Lecture Theatre

7.00 pm

Conference Dinner (walking distance from the GeoZentrum, see map)

Geologie Übungsraum Alter Simpl


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Geologie Übungsraum Lecture Theatre


02.03.2018 8.45 am

Morning Coffee

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Keynote Talk: Dr. Thomas Angerer - Iron oxides as “geoarchives”: Decoding the enigmatic transformation from BIF to high-grade iron ore 11 A. Papenfuß: Hyperspectral Remote Sensing in the Field for Mineral Exploration in the Iberian Pyrite Belt, Spain 12 L. Tremel: The impact of a syn- to post-magmatic hydrothermal alteration on the Mlindi alkaline rock complex, Malawi Coffee Break

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F. Klimpel: Scandium: The new critical metal F. Mackowiak: Iron isotope measurements of pyrite, sphalerite, chalcopyrite and hematite from mineralized zones in the North German basin 15 K. Berkh: µ-EDXRF (energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence) mapping for geochemical, lithological and mineralogical studies 16 P. Nadoll: Hydrothermal base metal sulfide and fluorite-barite mineralization in the North German Basin Lunch – Poster Session

1.30 pm

Awards: Best Student Talk + Poster Voting for next GOOD Meeting Closing Address (Dr. Patrick Nadoll)

08.30 am

Field Trip (please arrive 10 minutes early to ensure that we can leave on time)

10.00 am 16.00 pm

Arrival at Kupferberg Arrival in Erlangen

Geologie Übungsraum Lecture Theatre

Geologie Übungsraum Lecture Theatre

Geologie Übungsraum

03.03.2018 Meet at GeoZentrum