Sing in the spirit, Sing in the spirit, Bebe - Alabama Civic Chorale

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He is a real trooper and a great singer. Of ... Noticed you were doing a great job and you will just have to forgive me for a long day and I ... Sing in the spirit,.

WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME You know I like to recognize the new members of our family and today would have been the last me someone new could join us for this year. It was terrific to see great new faces. You are such a popular group (seriously) that we have several extras occurring this year and that is a great challenge for us to have. I am excited about that. However, in taking care of housekeeping dues I did not welcome people and I like to do that. The first person I want to welcome is a new member in my family. Cissy brought her new son, and my grandson, ☺ with her today. James was sitting next to William in the bass section KEEPING WILLIAM STRAIGHT. He is a real trooper and a great singer. Of course he is a member of the football team and a great student at North Jackson High in Stevenson, AL. too. He and Cissy drove 2 and ½ hours to rehearsal. That is tooooooo far, but I loved having them with us and just wanted you to know how proud I was to have both today. It is a gift when they can come. We had several others today who had had surgery, and extenuating circumstances with their personal family that kept them from being with this family like they normally would. A big Welcome back to Chip and Susan Burton and Jim Mosley. So glad you were there. A huge welcome also to a couple of people that I had met and enjoyed every minute of their leadership in their church at Springville. I have heard the wonderful music David and Tricia Green have been In charge of at Springville UMC and Cissy Johnson worked with both of them. So glad to have you. Amy McGucken joined the alto section and it is wonderful to have you on board.

I think there was one other but something must have happened to the registraon and although I saw the face in the chorus I didn’t get a chance to meet you. I apologize and welcome you to our group. Someone please let me know who that is.

Kristen Hannon – I found your registration. WELCOME. I saw you in the soprano section. Noticed you were doing a great job and you will just have to forgive me for a long day and I have just found your registration. In defense (hmmm) I will need to add you to the roll. BUT Glad you are on board. ONE LAST THING> AFTER TODAY the Belk Sing on 11/9 is a go. We will plan on being upstairs in women’s by the escalator at 8:10. That probably means you need to find a parking place by 8:00. There will be crazy shoppers so allow for that. We will wait to see what the weather is on that day. We will look festive and Christmasy with our tops and long dark pants. Sing from 8:30 to 8:45 and Becky will have a poster up for us.

Sing in the spirit, Bebe