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Value Chain Concept Administrative Coordination & Support Services Human Resource Management Technology Development

Procurement of Resources

Inbound Logistics


Outbound Logistics

Marketing and Sales

Customer Service

The Internet Value Chain Internet Capability

Marketing and Product Research

Benefits to Company

Data for market research, establishes consumer responses

Opportunity for Advantage

Increase Market Share

Sales and Distribution

•Low cost distribution •Reaches new customers •Multiplies contact points

Lower Cost Margins

Support and Customer Feedback

•Access to customer com-ments online •Immediate response to customer problems

Enhanced Customers Satisfaction

Strategic Positioning of Internet Technologies High Global Market Penetration E-Commerce Website Value-added IT Services

Product and Services Transformation


E-Business; Extensive Intranets and Extranets


Performance Improvements in Business Effectiveness

Cost and Efficiency Improvements E-Mail, Chat Systems


Intranets and Extranets

E-Business Processes Connectivity Internal Drivers


Customer-Focused e-Business Let customers place orders directly Let customers check order history and delivery status Build a community of customers, employees, and partners

Customer Database

Give all employees a complete view of customers

Let customers place orders thru distribution partners

Transaction Database Link Employees and distribution partners

Business Reengineering and Quality Management Business Quality Improvement Definition Target Potential Payback Risk What Changes? Primary Enablers

Business Reengineering

Incrementally Improving Existing Processes

Radically Redesigning Business Systems

Any Process

Strategic Business Processes

10%-50% Improvements

10-Fold Improvements



Same Jobs - More Efficient

Big Job Cuts; New Jobs; Major Job Redesign

IT and Work Simplification

IT and Organizational Redesign

The Customer- Focused Agile Competitor

Cooperate with Business Partners and Competitors

Anticipation of future needs Customization

Conformance Give Customers Solutions to Problems

Organize to Master Change Leverage the Impact of People and IS Resources

Virtual Corporations Adaptability Borderless


Six Characteristics of Virtual Companies


Trust-Based Opportunism

Knowledge Management Systems Solution Knowledge

Technical Support Staff

Customers Development Engineers


Product Managers

The Internet

Other Vendors

Database Management Systems Operating System Database Management

•Database Development •Database Interrogation •Database Maintenance •Application Development

Database Management System Application Programs


Data Dictionary

Major Types of Databases External Databases on the Internet & Online Services

Distributed Databases on Intranets & Other Networks

Client PC or NC

End User Databases

Network Server

Data Warehouse

Operational Databases of the Organization

Data Mart

Data Warehouse and Data Mining Operational Databases Data Management Subsystem

Data Acquisition Subsystem

Warehouse Design Subsystem

Metadata Management Subsystem

Analytical Data Store Enterprise Warehouse Data Mart

Metadata Directory Metadata Repository

Client PC or NC

Data Access and Delivery Subsystem

Web Information System

Web-Based Systems The Internet Intranets Extranets

Network Server

Web Browser Web Server Software

Client PCs or NCs

Web Objects

HTML pages GIF image files Video files

Data Resource Management

Data Administration Data Planning

Database Administration

Accessing Files and Databases Key Transformation Sequential Organization

Key Fields


Sequential Access Direct Access

Indexed Sequential Access Method

Database Development 1. Data Planning

Physical Models

Enterprise Model

5. Physical Design

2. Requirements Specifications

Logical Models

User Needs Description

4. Logical Design

3. Conceptual Design

Data Models

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