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Read the message and answer questions 4 and 5. 4. The following statements are correct, except …. a. Mrs. Tamara is Robin‟s mother b. Robin reminded his ...

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Read the text and answer questions 1 to 3

The Mini with largest screen Bigger is better with HP Mini 311. With the largest screen in the Mini family and capable of HD content playback, its big screen size 11.6'' diagonal widescreen has a resolution of 1366x768 for enhanced entertainment enjoyment.

Stay in sync It's never been easier to stay in sync with your digital lifestyle than with HP QuickSync on the HP Mini 311. Sync your documents from the laptop to your home desktops in a swift. 1. What is the text about ? a. The largest screen. b. HP QuickSync. c. HP Mini 311. d. 11.6 widescreen. 2. „… for enhanced entertainment enjoyment‟. (paragraph 1 ) The underlined word can be best replaced by …. a. convenient b. development c. amusement d. satisfaction 3. The purpose of writing the above text is to …. a. tell the readers the latest product b. make people know the latest product c. persuade the readers to buy the product d. describe the process making of the product Read the message and answer questions 4 and 5 Dear Robin. Mom is going to the Supermarket alone. Please pick your sister up at usual place at 14.30. Don’t forget to mend your brother’s bike before he goes home from school. Mom will be back soon Mrs. Tamara 4. The following statements are correct, except …. a. Mrs. Tamara is Robin‟s mother b. Robin reminded his mom to mend the bike c. Robin knows where he must pick his sister up d. No one accompanies Mrs. Tamara to the Supermarket


5. „And don‟t forget to mend your brother‟s bike.‟ The similar meaning of the underlined word is… a. wash b. repair c. clean d. move Read the notice and answer question number 6

6. The notice says: “For Loading and Unloading Only” What does it mean? a. It‟s a parking area for lift trucks. b. Lift trucks must stop there. c. Lift trucks may stop for dropping things. d. Lift trucks must not stop at all. Read the following greeting card to answer questions 7 and 8

Congratulation All of the family of SMP 18 Surakarta wishes to congratulate our friend Nanda Permata and Husband (Raka Permana). On their first daughter birth on January twenty second two thousand and ten in Bethesda Hospital. May God bless her daughter and make her as a good daughter. Amien Wholeheartedly, 28th January 2010 The big family of SMP 18 Surakarta Leader

7. The following statements are true, except . . . a. The card was sent on January twenty eighth b. Nanda got congratulation from her friends c. Nanda and Raka have another new daughter d. Nanda is one of teachers of SMP 18 Surakarta 8. When was the daughter born? a. 2nd January 2010 b. 20th January 2010 c. 22nd January 2010 d. 28th January 2010


Read the text and answer question 9 Dear friends, I’m going to celebrate my success in the National examination. Please come to Pizza Hut Restaurant at Ambarukmo Plaza Mall on Saturday February 28th, at 11.30 am. We will share the happy time together with my family I’m looking forward to seeing you. Love Amalia 9. What is the purpose of the writer send the card? a. To treat everyone in Pizza Hut Restaurant b. To ask someone to celebrate the graduation c. To invite someone to join the party in Pizza Hut d. To invite someone to share happiness in the restaurant Read the following caution to answer question 10

Do not alight from a moving tram!

10. The caution above means …. a. Jumping off the moving tram is prohibited. b. Jumping inside the moving tram isn‟t allowed. c. We may not get on the moving tram. d. We may not stop the moving tram. Read the text and answer questions 11 and 12

Purchase Promotion is valid until 30 January 2010 Not valid with other discounts, promotions and vouchers Offer is valid while stocks last 11. What is being advertised? a. Fish pet b. Voucher c. Chicken d. Seafood 12. What must we do to get a $15 voucher? a. Eat at Seafood Paradise everyday b. Work at Seafood Paradise c. Buy food at least $100 d. Have 3 coupons


Questions 13 to 14 refer to the following letter.

Gardens by Hok PO Box 687 1103 Lisbon, Portugal September 8, 2009 Guy Wiliams Landscape Design Magazine Ottho Heldringstraat 2 1066 AZ Amsterdam The Netherlands Dear Mr. Williams: Thank you for sending the advertising information. We have decided not to place an ad in the December issue, but we will consider placing one in the next issue in March. We will be in touch. Again thank you for your assistance. Sincerely yours,

Sov Hok Sov Hok Laandscape architect 13. What is Sov Hok‟s business ? a. Leasing b. Graphic Design c. Designing Garden d. Designing Skyscrapers 14. We will be in touch. ( line 14 ) The words in italic has similar meaning to …. a. help to each other b. share information c. communicate d. perform


Read the text and answer questions 15 and 16 How to search on Google On the Net, open or type in the Google web page address, and hit Enter on your keyboard. Think of the kind of search you want to do. For example, the weather or dangdut. Specify the search terms to get more specific information. For example: weather Bali December. Simply type the words or phrases into the search box and hit Enter again on your keyboard. In response, Google produces a list of relevant web pages. Choose the best web pages to get the most relevant information. Click on them to download. 15. What should you do with the kind of search you have chosen? We should …. a. save it in the Google web page address. b. hit Enter on your keyboard. c. click on them to download. d. specify the search terms. 16. “Simply type the words or phrases into the search box and hit Enter again ____”. The word „hit‟ in the sentence has similar meaning with …. a. click b. open c. crash d. search Read the text and answer questions 17 to 20 The first time I ever rode on a ferry was when I took one to cross from Butterworth to Penang Island. My family and I had gone to Penang for a holiday. We arrived at the Ferry Terminal just as the sun was setting. My father paid the fare at one of the toll-booths and we were brought into a lane. We had to stop behind a row of cars to await the arrival of the next ferry. Presently a light yellow ferry arrived. Cars and motorcycles sped out of it. Then the green light came for us to board. My father carefully drove the car onto the lower deck of the ferry. It was an exciting new experience for me. I noticed the words "Pulau Undan" on a wall of the ferry. As soon as the ferry was filled with cars and motorcycles on the lower deck, it left the terminal and proceeded towards the island. I stood at the front end of the ferry and watched the water whirl and twirl as the ferry cut through it. My sister and I climbed up the stairs to the upper deck. It was filled with passengers who either sat on the seats there or loitered around the area. Soon the short ride ended. We hurried back down to the lower deck and got into our car when we saw Penang Island loom closer and closer. Finally the ferry docked and my father followed the row of cars out of the ferry. The car bumped a bit on the uneven ramp but soon we were on Penang itself. My first ferry ride was over.


17. What is the passage about? a. The writer‟s first ride on a ferry b. Travelling from butter worth to Penang c. The writer‟s holiday in Penang Island d. Sailing experience on a ferry 18. „______ sat on the seats there or loitered around the area The word „loitered‟ means … a. stood without an obvious reason b. took a walk for refreshing c. looked at the beautiful scenery d. moved and stood in line 19. „______ as the ferry cut through it. (paragraph 4) The word „it‟ refers to …. a. Ferry b. water c. island d. twirl 20. What is the purpose of the writer writes the text? a. To tell how to ride on a ferry in the first time b. To entertain the readers with his experience c. To share his happiness on having holiday d. To retell his first experience on a ferry. Read the text and answer questions 21 to 23

Announcement Visa regulation: Republic of Indonesia Tourist entering Indonesia should note these regulations: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Visitors should be in a good health Visitors should have enough money in cash or travelers check to their stay Visitors may stay up to two months Visitors should have return air ticket Visitors must follow the laws of Indonesia at all the time; they should dress properly in public places and must not bring drugs with them.

21. To whom is the announcement given? a. To all domestic visitors b. To everyone who has visa c. To some tourists who want to get visa d. To all foreigners who come to Indonesia 22. How long are the visitors allowed to stay in Indonesia? a. More than two months b. Less than two months c. As long as they want d. At least two months


23. Visitors must follow the laws of Indonesia at all the time The word „follow‟ has similar meaning as …. a. join b. keep c. obey d. break Read the text and answer questions 24 to 26 Monkey Peanut Butter Bars Ingredients 1/2 cup butter 1/2 cup white sugar 1/2 cup packed brown sugar 1/3 cup peanut butter 1 egg 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 1/2 teaspoon baking soda 1 cup all-purpose flour 1 cup rolled oats 2 cups semisweet chocolate chips 1 cup confectioners' sugar 1/4 cup peanut butter 3 1/2 tablespoons milk Directions 1. Cream butter and white sugar and brown sugar. Blend in 1/3 cup peanut butter, egg, vanilla, and baking soda. Add flour and oatmeal. Mix well! 2. Spread in greased 13x9 inch baking pan. Bake at 350 degrees F (175 degrees C) for 20 minutes. Remove and sprinkle with chocolate chips. 3. Return to oven and bake for eight minutes. Spread to smooth out chocolate chips. Cool! Mix icing and spread over bars. Refrigerate to set. Cut and eat. 4. To Make Icing: Mix together 1 cup confectioners' sugar, 1/4 cup peanut butter and 3 1/2 tablespoons milk until it makes a spreadable consistency. 24. After we mix the ingredients well we have to …. a. spread the butter on it b. add flour and oatmeal c. spread the dough in baking pan d. sprinkle the dough with chocolate chips 25. The total time to bake the dough is …. a. 15 minutes b. 20 minutes c. 28 minutes d. 30 minutes


26. “Refrigerate to set‟. (step 3) The underlined word means …. a. keep the dough fresh b. make the dough cold c. preserve the dough d. melt the mixture Read the letter and answer questions 27 and 28 Dear Shirly, Your post card is in my hand as I sit at the open window this beautiful evening. Chiang Mai is a lovely town. I could easily stop here and not come home. The hills around are full of ‘hill tribe’ people in different ethnic costumes, all with their own customs, dances and languages. We went for a four day trek, sleeping in the villages, which sounds idyllic but in fact we were very lucky not to get kidnapped!! There are a lot of bandits involved in opium smuggling in and out of Burma, and the Burmese side is in a state of civil war. We were having lunch by the river, and suddenly we were surrounded by a dozen or so gorillas in jungle camouflage. Luckily our guide spoke their language, and even better we weren’t armed so the gorillas could see we were only tourists. We gave them our cameras and money, and they helped themselves to all the food, but apart from that we are lucky to be alive! Next stop Hong Kong. Regards, John 27. The following description about Chiang Mai is correct, except ….. a. Chiang Mai is in the lowland. b. There are some kidnappers in Chiang Mai. c. The people in Chiang Mai have various habits. d. There are some traditional attractions in Chiang Mai. 28. “…, but apart from that we are lucky to be alive!” (paragraph 2) The underlined word has the opposite meaning to …. a. safe b. cozy c. funny d. unfortunate Read the text and answer questions 29 to 32 Once upon a time, a lion had been hunting for days without catching anything to eat. “It looks like I will go hungry again!” he thought. Then he saw a hare fast a sleep beneath a shady tree. He moved quietly toward it, thinking, “At last! Here is a delicious meal sitting and waiting for me!” He was about to catch the hare when a fine young deer trotted by. The lion thought, ”Now there is an even better dinner!’. He turned and chased the deer. The noise woke the hare and he quickly hopped away. After a long chase, the lion failed to catch the deer. Tired out, he came back to look for the hare but found that it had run away. “What fool I am!” the lion said as his empty stomach growled. “It serves me right for losing the food that was almost mine, just for the chance of getting more!”


29. What does the story tell about? a. A sleepy hare b. A greedy lion c. Unlucky animal d. A fine young deer 30. Why did the lion leave the hare? Because …. a. he waited for the meal b. the hare still fell asleep c. he saw a fine young deer d. the hare couldn‟t be caught 31. “He turned and chased the deer”. What does the underlined word mean? a. run away b. caught c. run after d. escaped 32. What is the moral value of the story? a. Foolishness wouldn‟t give anything b. Greediness will result sadness c. Carelessness may create problem d. Greediness may give satisfaction Read the text and answer question 33 Sekolah Ciputra students cordially invite you to attend

At the CCCL Gallery Jl. Darmokali No. 10 Join us at the opening reception Tuesday, October 20th at 6:30 pm The exhibition will remain open from 21-23 October, 9am -7 pm, 24 October 2009, 9 am – 5 pm

The exhibition will feature the finest artworks of students from the International Bouccolorcote Programme. Admission will be free and refreshments will be served.

33. Which of the following statement is TRUE based on the text? a. The exhibition lasts for 3 days. b. The exhibition starts on Tuesday. c. We must buy a ticket to enter the exhibition. d. No food and drink provided in the exhibition


For numbers 34 to 36, choose the suitable words to fill in the blank

Tornadoes are known as one of the most damaging (34) …. What is the description of tornadoes? A tornado is a very powerful column of winds which spirals around a center of low atmospheric pressure. A tornado will look like a large black funnel which hangs down from a storm cloud. The name "tornado" derived from the Latin "tonare". It means "to thunder." While the Spanish developed the word into "tornear" which means "to turn or twist". This is why a tornado is sometimes (35) … twister or cyclone. The winds inside a twister can spin around at speeds up to 500 miles an hour, but it usually (36) … at roughly 300 miles an hour. This speed twisting makes a tornado the most dangerous storm.

34. a. b. c. d.

earthquakes disasters problems diseases

35. a. b. c. d.

called caused combined supposed

36. a. b. c. d.

travels spreads blows runs

Read the text and answer questions 37 to 39 SUROLOYO HEIGHTS


Suroloyo heights is the highest peak of Menoreh hills. It is located in Samigaluh, Kulon Progp, Yogyakarta. It is about 45 kilometres from the heart of Yogyakarta. The name of Suroloyo is adapted from Javanese and means daring to die. Suroloyo is actually a peak with beautiful sceneries, fresh air, a breeze, traditional atmosphere, and also myth. The exotic picture of the scenery enables the visitors to stay longer and longer on the top. From here, the visitors may see flat areas of land around Yogyakarta and Central Java. We can come to this place by car or motorcycle. We can also take public transportation to lead us to Samigaluh and then have another journey walking roughly 5 kilometres to the peak of Samigaluh. It is such a good place to visit on a certain day like Suro‟s New Year, first date of the Javanese calendar in the month of Suro.

37. How far is Suroloyo heights from Yogyakarta city? a. Forty-four kilometres b. Forty-five kilometres c. Five kilometres. d. Four kilometres


38. “The exotic picture of the scenery enables you to stay longer and longer on the top”. The underlined word has similar meaning with …. a. experience b. scenario c. resort d. view 39. Which of the following statements is true according to the text? a. Suroloyo height lies at Central Java. b. Suroloyo height lies near the beach. c. Visitors may not go to the top of Suroloyo heights d. Suroloyo height is a nice place to visit. Read the label and answer question number 40 LABOLTHYL Policresulen For external use only: Cauterization, Irrigation Composition: Laboltyl concentrate contains 36% (g/g) of policresulen Store in a cool and dry place Avoid contact with clothing and leather! 40. We can find the above text in/at …. a. fertilizer label b. medicine label

c. clothes label d. cosmetic product 41. Which one is the best arrangement of the words below? A doctor – consult – for children – Please – use – 12 years – before – under – of age 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 a. 4-5-3-8-6-9-7-2-1 b. 4-2-1-7-5-3-8-6-9. c. 4-2-1-3-7-5-8-6-9 d. 4-3-8-6-9-7-5-2-1 42. Arrange the words into a meaningful sentence. before – baggage – hour – time – your – boarding – check in – please – one 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 a. 8-7-5-2-9-3-1-6-4. b. 8-1-6-7-5-4-2-9-3 c. 7-5-2-1-6-4-9-3-8 d. 7-5-2-4-9-3-1-6-8


43. Rearrange the jumbled paragraph into a good story. A



He showed them a bundle of arrows which were tied together. “Now, try to break the bundle!” said the old man. All of them tried one after another, but no one could break it. Then the old man untied the bundle. He gave his sons each an arrow, and said, ”Try to break it now.” The single arrow was easily broken one by one. An old man had three sons who could not live at peace among themselves. The old man had tried every way to make the love one another, but all was in vain. At last he thought out a plan. “But if you love one another, you will be very strong like the bundle of arrows “My son,” said the old man. “You have learned a good lesson from these arrows. If you cannot live at peace, you are very weak like a single arrow.

The best arrangement is …. a. C – A – B – E – D b. C – A – B – D – E c. C – A – D – E – B d. C – A – E – D – B Read the text and answer questions 44 to 46 The Southern Ground-hornbill or cafer (Bucorvus leadbeateri), is one of two species of ground-hornbill and is the largest species of hornbill. It is a large bird, at 90 to 129 cm (36 to 51 in) long and a weight of 2.2 to 6.2 kg (4.8 to 13.6 lbs), with the male considerably larger than the female. It is characterized by black coloration and vivid red patches of bare skin on the face and throat (yellow in juvenile birds). The white tips of the wings (primary feathers) seen in flight are another diagnostic characteristic. The beak is black and straight and presents a casque, more developed in males. Female Southern Ground-hornbills are smaller and have violet-blue skin on their throats. Its habitat comprises savannahs, woodlands and grasslands. It can be found from northern Namibia and Angola to northern South Africa to Burundi and Kenya. The Southern Ground Hornbill is a vulnerable species, mainly confined to national reserves and national parks. They live in groups of 5 to 10 individuals including adults and juveniles. Often, neighbouring groups are engaged in aerial pursuits. They forage on the ground, where they feed on reptiles, frogs, snails, insects and mammals up to the size of hares. Juveniles are dependent on adults for 6 to 12 months. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

44. According to the text there are … kinds of hornbill. a. two b. three c. four d. five


45. The main idea of paragraph two is …. a. the origin of hornbill b. the habitat of hornbill c. the reproduction process d. the characteristics of hornbill 46. From the text we may infer that Southern Ground Hornbill …. a. likes living in flocks b. belongs to mammal c. is plant eater bird d. lives independently 47. Rearrange the sentences to make a good paragraph. 1. Crocodiles are large aquatic reptiles that live throughout the tropics in Africa, Asia, the Americas and Australia. 2. A crocodile is any species belonging to the family Crocodylidae. 3. They feed on vertebrates like fish, small reptiles, and mammals, sometimes on invertebrates like molluscs and crustaceans, depending on species. 4. The term can also be used to include all members of the order Crocodilia. 5. Crocodiles are believed to be reach up the 200 million years old. 6. Crocodiles tend to congregate in freshwater habitat like rivers, lakes, wetlands and sometimes in brackish water. 7. They survived great difficult time. The correct arrangement is… a. 2-4-5-6-7-3-1 b. 2-4-1-6-3-5-7 c. 1-4-2-6-5-3-7 d. 1-4-3-6-5-4-7 This text is for questions 48 to 50.

Algae is a name for thousands of different organisms. They include singlecelled plants as well as kelp and other large plants. Many experts also consider plant-like bacteria to be a form of algae. These bacteria make food from the sun like plants do. But one company, Blue Marble Energy in Seattle, Washington, uses algae already growing along coastlines. Workers pump it into bags on a boat. They have to be careful not to suck up young fish or other small creatures. Blue Marble says its work could help prevent harmful algae blooms. A bloom is when a dense area of algae forms and spreads. Some blooms can harm people, animals or the environment. Warmer water can cause blooms, and some scientists think global warming is adding to an increase in large ones. Nutrients from sewage and agricultural fertilizers also help algae grow. Excerpt from VOA Text

48. The expert‟s opinion about plant-like bacteria is the main idea of paragraph …. a. one b. two c. three d. four


49. Workers pump it into bags on a boat. (par. 2 ) The word in italic refers to …. a. water b. algae c. food d. fish 50. Which of the following statements is stated on the text ? a. Blue Marble is located along the coastline. b. Algae won‟t harm the environment. c. Small fish can harm environment. d. Warm water can cause the bloom.