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Sheranian, BYU, 2008. RAYGOR READABILITY ESTIMATE. TANGERINE by Edward Bloor. New York: Harcourt Brace & Co. Passage One (pg. 17). I turned left ...


TANGERINE by Edward Bloor New York: Harcourt Brace & Co.

Passage One (pg. 17) I turned left and pedaled against the sand toward the front of the development. Our street is about half filled with houses now. The development has grown from the west side to the east side, and we’re on the last street before the east wall. Every empty lot on our street has a Sold sign on it, though, so Lake Windsor Downs will soon be complete. I stopped at the model homes area—four houses surrounded by the same white picket fence—and pulled off my glasses to clean them. Lake Windsor Downs offers four choices to home buyers, each . . . Passage Two (pg. 123) Dad was pretty hyper, like this was the most important day of his life or something. We got there at one o’clock for a two o’clock game, but I was glad we did. We barely managed to crowd in to the home-side bleachers. We sat with the other Lake Windsor fans, and with the few Cypress Bay fans who remembered that half our bleachers had been condemned. I hadn’t seen the bleachers since the day of the sinkhole. There they sad a big gray Erector set, now looped with yellow police ribbons that said DO NOT CROSS. Like a big . . . Passage Three (pg. 252) Erik and Arthur opened their doors and got out, leaving the motor running, and the headlights on. They stepped around in front, so that the lights were on me while they remained in shadow. Still, I could see that their faces were swollen and bloody. And I could see that Erik was holding a metal baseball bat in one hand. I understood that I was supposed to be terrified by this spectacle—these two demonic creatures on this dark, lonely road. But for once in my life, I wasn’t. I stepped forward and faced them, just as I had seen . . . Passage 1

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Sheranian, BYU, 2008