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We develop new tests of the capital asset pricing model which are valid under ...... portfolio the Jarque-Bera test of normality fails to reject the hypothesis on this ...

TESTING THE CAPITAL ASSET PRICING MODEL EFFICIENTLY UNDER ELLIPTICAL SYMMETRY: A SEMIPARAMETRIC * APPROACH by Douglas J Hodgson University of Rochester, NY Oliver Linton London School of Economics and Political Science Keith Vorkink Brigham Young University, Provo, UT

Contents: Abstract 1. Introduction 2. Models 3. Estimation 4. Implementation Issues 5. Empirical CAPM Tests 6. Simulation Analysis Appendix References

Discussion Paper No.EM/00/398 July 2000 *

The Suntory Centre Suntory and Toyota International Centres for Economics and Related Disciplines London School of Economics and Political Science Houghton Street London WC2A 2AE Tel.: 020-7405 7686

We would like to thank Pedro Gozalo and Gene Savin for helpful comments, Eugene Choo and Hyungsik Moon for research assistance and the National Science Foundation for financial support under CAREER grant SBR-9701959. Hodgson thanks CREST at INSEE for their hospitality while part of this research was being carried out.


We develop new tests of the capital asset pricing model which are valid under the assumption that the distribution generating returns is elliptically symmetric; this assumption is necessary and sufficient for the validity of the CAPM. Our test is based on semiparametric efficient estimation procedures for a seemingly unrelated regression model where the multivariate error density is elliptically symmetric. The elliptical symmetry assumption allows us to avoid the curse of dimensionality problem that typically arises in multivariate semiparametric estimation procedures, because the multivariate elliptically symmetric density function can be written as a function of a scalar transformation of the observed multivariate data. The elliptically symmetric family includes a number of thick-tailed distributions and so is potentially relevant in financial applications. Our estimated betas are lower than the OLS estimates, and our parameter estimates are much less consistent with the CAPM restrictions than the corresponding OLS estimates. Keywords: Adaptive estimation; capital asset pricing model; efficiency. JEL Nos.: C14, C24, C13, C22.

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