The Future Is Not What It Appears To Be

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HLS Förlag, Box 34103, ... Distribution: Förlagssystem, Box 30195, ... This book is dedicated to the memory of the intellectual contributions and.

“The Future Is Not What It Appears To Be” Pedagogy, Genealogy and Political Epistemology In Honor and in Memory of Kenneth Hultqvist

Editors: Thomas S. Popkewitz, Kenneth Petersson, Ulf Olsson and Jamie Kowalczyk

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This book is dedicated to the memory of the intellectual contributions and friendship of Kenneth Hultqvist and to the legacy that he has left to all of us. It is also dedicated to Kenneth’s sons, Samuel and Eric.

Table of Contents Foreword


Ulf Olsson, Kenneth Petersson, and Thomas S. Popkewitz, “The Future Is Not What It Appears To Be” Pedagogy, Genealogy and Political Epistemology: An Introduction


Kenneth Hultqvist, The Future is Already Here – as it Always has Been. The New Teacher Subject, the Pupil, and the Technologies of the Soul


Robert Andersson, The Unveiling of Merit: The Local Community and the Prudent Citizen


Anna Bjuremark, The Relationship between Supervisor and Doctoral Student: Lasting Longer than an Average Marriage in Sweden?


Gunilla Dahlberg and Marianne Bloch, Is the Power to See and Visualize Always the Power to Control?


Inés Dussel, Changing the Patterns of Social Regulation in Schools: A Look at Cohabitation Rules in Post-Crisis Argentina


Ruth Gustafson, Circulation of the Blood and the American Public School Music Curriculum: A Means and a Metaphor to Insure the Future


Katharina Heyning, Reflective Portfolios and NCATE: Co-Dependency Issues in Teacher Education


Jamie Kowalczyk, Immigrants as “Outlaw Ontologies”: Italian Education Policy and the Non-Italian Student


John Krejsler, Education as Individualizing Technology: Exploring New Conditions for Producing Individuality


Rita Foss Lindblad and Sverker Lindblad, Knowledge at Work: On the Politics of Knowledge in the Reconfiguring of the Teaching Profession


Julie McLeod, Citizenship, Schooling and the Sex Role in Australia: Making Up Students for the Future


Per-Johan Ödman, Governmentalities in an Early Swedish Institution


Kajsa Ohrlander, The Death of the Swedish Mother? A Feminist Reading of Governmentality and Women’s Liberation in the 1970s


Malin Rohlin, The Problematic Time


Birgitta Sandström, To Govern Intimacy from a Distance


John A. Smith and Chris Jenks, Complexity, Ecology and Self-Organizing Structures


Valerie Walkerdine, Video Games and Childhood: The Mastery of Reason Revisited?




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