The Great Gatsby Novel Study Novel Study Important Dates

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Monday, November 18th. The Great Gatsby. Chapters 1-2. Chapters 3-4. Chapters 5-7. Chapters 8-9. Part 2 – After-Quiz Activities. Quiz Activities. Quiz Activities.

The Great Gatsby Novel Study Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested: that is, some books are to be read only in parts, others to be read, but not curiously, and some few to be read wholly, and with diligence and attention. ~ Francis Bacon~

It is time to read a book wholly, with diligence and attention!

So, what are you going to do with this novel? As you are reading the novel, there will be a few different activities you will be completing: Section Quizzes, After-Quiz Activities, Color Analysis, and Chapter Quotes/Passage Analysis Part 1 – Section Quizzes There will be four quizzes over this novel. Each quiz will be worth 30 points. Below you will find the dates for the quizzes along with the chapters/pages assigned to each quiz.

Novel Study Important Dates

The Great Gatsby

Section 1: Wed., October 2nd Chapters 1-2

Section 2: Wed., October


Chapters 3-4

Section 3: Monday, November 4th Chapters 5-7

Section 4: Monday, November 18th

Chapters 8-9

Part 2 – AfterAfter-Quiz Activities After each reading quiz, there will be an after-quiz activity to complete. Sometimes, these activities will be completed in class, and other times, there will be a homework component.

Part 3 – Color Analysis Create your own color imagery journal as you are reading the novel. Whenever you see a color being used in relation to a character, write it down on your color imagery chart. You will need to locate at least 20 examples from throughout the novel. You may repeat colors only if they are referencing something new. You can find a sample chart below:

Page #

Passage from the Text

Related Character(s)

Connotations and Comments

Please note: You can find a downloadable version of the imagery journal on my website! This portion of the assignment will be turned in on Please do not copy and paste your documents! They all need to be uploaded only! If you have any problems with this, please just let me know!

Part 4 – Chapter Quotes/Passage Quotes/Passage Analysis Please note: You will be able to use this portion of the assignment on an inin-class assessment. For each reading section, you will need to choose three passages that you think best represents the reading section. Please make sure you cite your passages. These are due on the same days as your section quizzes!

Section 1: Wed., October 2nd Chapters 1-2

Section 2: Wed., October 16th

Chapters 3-4

Section 3: Monday, November 4th Chapters 5-7

Section 4: Monday, November 18th

Chapters 8-9

You will turn in your passage analysis in hard copy in class on the day you take your quizzes over the chapters. Additionally, you will also need to submit your passage analysis to turnitin by 11:59pm on the day the hard copy is due in class. After you have identified three quotes, you will need to choose one passage to examine further by writing about the passage in the following ways: 1. First, in a well-written paragraph explain how the passage “fits” into the novel (does the passage add to the character development? to the plot line? to the details of the setting? and so forth). Discuss the importance of the passage to the book’s message or meaning or theme. This paragraph should be 4-6 sentences. 2. Then, in another well-written paragraph, react to the passage as a reader. Make me understand why you have chosen this passage. To generate responses, you can consider the suggested prompts or questions: • • • • • • •

Why does the passage impress, intrigue, horrify, or puzzle you? Do you find the author’s use of language appealing or powerful? Does the passage jump off the page as a great descriptive passage? Does it prompt a strong response from you as you read it? Does it present itself as so well crafted that you just love the sound of it? Is the language beautiful, descriptive, graphic? Is it particularly meaningful? Is it a highpoint in the book? Do you find yourself in agreement/disagreement with the ideas expressed? Does the passage remind you of a situation you have lived as well? Does the passage make you laugh out loud or make you melancholy or make you something else? Does the author or the character raise intriguing questions or issues? Does the passage challenge or expand your thinking? This paragraph should be 8-12 sentences!

You are not limited to the list above, nor do I expect you to answer all of the above questions. But, your responses to the passages should clearly express to me why these passages mean something to you, why these passages caught your attention. A passage analysis template can be found online!

Okay, how will you be scored and when is it due? Due Date Points Quizzes 10/2, 10/16, 11/4, 11/18 30 points each After-Quiz Activities Varies by Assignment Varies by Assignment Color Analysis 11/20 40 points Chapter Quotes/Passage Analysis

10/2, 10/16, 11/4, 11/18

30 points per section