'The Lost Hero' by Rick Riordan

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December 16, 2010. Literature. The Epoch Times. B3. 'The Lost Hero' by Rick Riordan book review. By PATRICIA CHASTEEN. Epoch Times Staff. Best-selling  ...

December 16, 2010

Literature B3

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‘The Lost Hero’ by Rick Riordan at first, their past and present make the idea of being a demigod start to make sense. The three are soon swept up into the occurrences going on at the camp, including the mysterious disappearance of the main character,

Epoch Times Staff

Best-selling author Rick Riordan, most known for his “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” series, brings us the first book in a new series called “The Heroes of Olympus.” “The Lost Hero” continues with his entertaining and educational style of combining history and mythology into books that keep the reader involved from the first page to the last. Rick Riordan has written novels for both adults and young adults. The “Percy Jackson” series was written for young adults (although adult readers snapped them up as well and were greatly entertained), but this new series seems to be the type of book that could appeal to any age. Riordan has added more action, humor, suspense, and mystery in an epic adventure that leaves the reader longing for the next book in the series. “The Lost Hero” combines new and old friends from Camp Half-Blood, where the children of Greek gods and mortal humans are sent. Three

12-year-old Percy Jackson, the son of Poseidon. For almost a month, the gods have been silent and absent to their children at the camp. The three newcomers are asked to go on a quest to help one of the gods. The book continues with the trials and

horrors they face as they continue on with their mission—not only trying to complete their quest—but also answer the questions looming in all their lives from the past and the future. If anyone was afraid that Riordan

couldn’t top his Percy Jackson series—they can quit worrying. This new series, even though in the same genre as the Percy Jackson group, has fresh ideas, more mystery and magic and keeps the reader engrossed from start to finish.

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Piper has a secret. Her father is a famous actor who has been missing for three days, and she has been having terrifying nightmares about his ordeal. She doesn’t understand her dreams or why her boyfriend

Jason, Piper, and Leo find out quickly that they are each supposed to be related to a god— something they all struggle to believe at first. new main characters make their appearances in “The Lost Hero” and the story is told from each of their perspectives in alternating chapters. The three main characters are Jason, Piper, and Leo. Jason is the “lost hero”—he doesn’t remember anything from his life before waking up in a bus full of teens on a school field trip for the Wilderness School—a boarding school for “bad kids.” For Jason, everything about the situation seems wrong somehow. He slowly starts to remember certain things, but they only seem to confuse the situation even more. He suddenly realizes he understands and can speak Latin, unlike his fellow campers, who speak Greek.

(Jason) suddenly doesn’t remember her at all. She is terrified that to save her father, she will have to betray her friends. Leo—who is a friend both to Piper and Jason—doesn’t understand anything that’s happening to them, including being caught in a freak storm and whisked away with his friends to someplace called Camp Half-Blood. But Leo’s gift is his handiness with tools and machines. And when he finds that his cabin mates at camp all have similar abilities, he feels right at home. Jason, Piper, and Leo find out quickly that they are each supposed to be related to a god—something they all struggle to believe at first. But even though they resist the idea

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