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The Moonspinners

Stage 4

activities answers

Before Reading

4 Mark, to Nicola, about the hotel in Agios Georgios, where she is expected. 5 Tony, to Nicola, about their worry because of Nicola’s late arrival. 6 Tony, to Nicola, about Sofia’s husband Josef.

Before reading activities (page 76) ACTIVITY 1 BEFORE READING

1F 2T 3F 4T

ChApTers 7 To 9 whIlE READING

1 Sofia prepared a meal for her husband, but he didn’t come home for it. 2 Stratos wanted to help his sister, but she wouldn’t take any money from him. 3 Frances thought Mark was Nicola’s boyfriend, but Nicola said she disliked him. 4 Nicola wanted to look for Mark, but Frances thought she could lead the murderers to him. 5 Nicola decided to search Sofia’s shed because she thought there was a chance they were keeping Colin there. 6 Nicola told Stratos that she had come out because she had heard a nightingale and wanted to find it. 7 Nicola tried to stop Stratos going into the shed because she was sure that Mark was hiding in it. 8 Nicola knew that Mark had been in the shed because when she went back later, she found wet blood on the wall.


Encourage students to speculate and to make guesses, but do not tell them the answers. They will find out as they read that Mark’s brother has disappeared, Mark will save Nicola’s life, somebody else will get killed, and Nicola will fall in love with Mark. ACTIVITY 3 BEFORE READING

Encourage discussion but do not tell students the answer. They will find out the answer (which is number 2) in Chapter 4.

While Reading ChApTers 1 To 3 whIlE READING

1 F Nicola was not expected in Agios Georgios until the next day. 2 T 3 F When Nicola screamed, Mark called out to Lambis, telling him to leave Nicola alone and bring her to the hut. 4 F Nicola understood Greek, but did not tell the two men that. 5 T 6 T 7 F Lambis did not know if Colin was dead or alive. 8 F Mark and Colin had seen a murder done, and they could see that a dark man in Cretan clothes had done the shooting. 9 T 10 F Nicola promised Lambis not to let Mark leave the hut.

Before reAdIng ChApTer 10

Encourage students to speculate and to make guesses, but do not tell them the answers. They will find out as they read that the answers are 1c and 2b. ChApTers 10 To 12 whIlE READING

1 What . . .? Some little bits of bread, a piece of rope with blood on it, some leaves in the corner which someone had lain on, and a spade. 2 Why . . .? To tell him that Colin must be dead. 3 What . . .? A dead sheep, which in fact was Colin, asleep, and wearing a sheep’s coat. 4 Why . . .? Because Tony and Sofia had stopped him. 5 What . . .? He wanted to take what was his and go. 6 What . . .? They found a body in a grave which had black hair and a grey trouser leg like Mark’s. 7 What . . .? They thought he had killed Mark. 8 Why . . .? Because he thought he was Josef.

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Before reAdIng ChApTer 4

Encourage students to speculate and to make guesses, but do not tell them the answers. They will find out as they read that the answers are 1a and 2c.

ChApTers 13 And 14 whIlE READING

1 It was Josef’s body in the grave. He had been killed accidentally in the fight with Lambis, and Lambis and Mark had buried him. 2 They were waiting for everything to become quiet. 3 In case Nicola and Frances needed help or there was any danger.

ChApTers 4 To 6 whIlE READING

1 Lambis, to Nicola, about Colin possibly being at the boat. 2 Nicola, to Mark, about the moonspinners in the old story. 3 Mark, to Nicola, about the murderer / the man in Cretan clothes with a gun.

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the moonspinners

4 This is Frances, waiting on the coast path while Nicola swims out to the boat, but she has just seen Stratos with his spear and is shouting for somebody to help Nicola. 5 This is Sofia, who has just come in to tidy Nicola’s room in the hotel. She has just found her husband’s knife, and is alarmed and frightened by this discovery. 6 This is Colin, early in the morning in the windmill. Sofia is about to take him out and let him go, but Colin hasn’t quite realized yet what is happening. 7 This is Josef, searching for Mark’s dead body in the bushes below the mountain path where Alexandros was murdered the previous night.

Before reAdIng ChApTers 15 And 16

Encourage students to speculate and to make guesses, but do not tell them the answers. They will find out as they read that Mark saves Nicola from Stratos, Tony escapes with some of the jewels, Stratos tries to escape, but is caught, and it is Nicola who stops Stratos escaping.


Students can complete the dialogue how they like. Some suggested answers: maRk: Lambis! You’re back. Did you see any sign of Colin? Lambis: No, I didn’t. He wasn’t at the boat. And I’ve got some other terrible news for you. maRk: What is it? What’s happened? Lambis, tell me! Lambis: It’s the murderer – the Cretan. He’s dead. maRk: Dead? How? We saw you begin to follow him. Lambis: Yes, I followed him down the hill, but he heard me. He pulled out his knife so I jumped at him, and in the fight he fell and hit his head on a rock. maRk: Are you sure he’s dead? Not just unconscious? Lambis: No, I’m quite sure he’s dead. Oh Mark, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to kill him. maRk: Of course you didn’t mean to kill him. But we can’t go to the police now. What have you done with the body? Lambis: I’ve hidden it in some bushes for the moment, but I’ll have to bury it. maRk: Yes. Best to bury it. I’ll help you. But where’s Nicola? Lambis: I sent her to fetch the food that I’d hidden. Please don’t tell her about the Cretan! maRk: No, of course I won’t tell her. I’ll send her down to Agios Georgios. Ssh – here she comes now.


maRk’s stoRy ‘Colin and I were walking down the path to the church when we heard shouting, and a shot. We saw Alexandros lying dead on the ground and realized that it was Josef who had shot him. Josef then shot and wounded me, but when he came back the next day to find my body, I wasn’t there, because/as Lambis had found me and carried me to the hut. That was when/where we met Nicola, and although she wanted to help, I sent her away because/as I didn’t want her to get into danger. Lambis and I didn’t know what had happened to Colin, or if/whether he was dead or alive. We started looking for him the next day, but it was Nicola who found him first.’ CoLin’s stoRy ‘Yes, Nicola found me on the hillside after Sofia had let me go from the windmill. I thought Mark was dead, but Nicola told me that he was alive. Then we found a grave with a body in it, which/that we were sure was Mark’s because/as we recognized his clothes. Later, we saw Josef and I tried to shoot him, but it was lucky I didn’t, because it was actually Mark wearing Josef’s clothes!’

Mr Stratos Alexiakis, who recently came (returned) home to Agios Georgios after twenty years in London, was arrested last night after a fight in the village square. Mr Alexiakis, with another Cretan called Alexandros, had been receiving stolen jewels in London. They had brought these jewels to Crete and were hiding them until they thought it was safe to sell them. However, a few nights ago there was an argument, during which Alexandros was shot and killed. An Englishman, Mr Tony Gamble, was also involved. He escaped last night, in a boat owned by

1 This is Mark, while he is lying wounded in the hut. Nicola has just left the hut with Lambis after meeting Mark for the first time. 2 This is Tony, watching Stratos arrive in his boat, closely followed by Lambis’s boat. He has realized the game is up and is about to run down, take Stratos’s boat, and try to get some of the jewels from the fishing pots before making his escape. 3 This is Stratos, coming to talk to his sister Sofia in her house, and meeting Nicola for the first time, who has just been invited in by Sofia.


the moonspinners

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activities answers

4 Because she realized that it was Josef’s knife, not Lambis’s as she had thought, and that the knife had been seen by Sofia, Josef’s wife, who would certainly recognize it as Josef’s. 5 France fell, hurt her foot, and dropped the torch, which got broken. 6 Because without the torch she could not let Mark know that they were there, so she swam out to the boat to tell him.

Mr Alexiakis, taking some of the jewels with him. The rest of the jewels have been found in packets hidden in fishing pots near the village. ACTIVITY 5 AFTER READING

church, embassy, hotel, hut, shed, windmill cardigan, jacket, jeans, pullover, trousers CountRyside: bush, cliff, grove, mountain, plain, pool, ravine, rock The word that does not belong in any group is: jewel

activities answers

buiLdinGs: CLothes:


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The titles are listed in this order: 7, 12, 2, 15, 8, 4, 13, 3, 6, 14, 1, 10, 16, 11, 9, 5 1 The path to Agios Georgios 2 Meeting Mark 3 Lambis’s story 4 A bedtime story 5 Hiding from a murderer 6 The Englishman 7 An unhappy woman 8 The cousins meet 9 A cat in the shed? 10 Nicola finds a lost sheep 11 What happened to Colin 12 Two brothers together 13 Stolen things 14 A knife in a pocket 15 Going after Stratos 16 ‘So this is your Mark.’

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the moonspinners