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Science. The Science and Technology Faculty are committed to stimulating our student's curiosity and enjoyment of ... Year 9 - 11 GCSE (Edexcel) Core Science.

Science The Science and Technology Faculty are committed to stimulating our student’s curiosity and enjoyment of the subject. The Science team is dedicated to providing a quality education for all and consists of 11 Science Teachers, 7 full time, 4 part time and two Laboratory Technicians. Science is based in 7 custom fitted laboratories, 4 of which have been recently refurbished to a high standard. The laboratories are serviced by one main and two smaller prep rooms. Interactive whiteboards are fitted in each laboratory with laptop computers and iPads available for use in Science lessons. In the Development Stage, students (Years 7 and 8) follow a two year bespoke course which reflects the current National Curriculum at KS3. This provides opportunities for active & differentiated learning, skills progression and assessment for learning. Classes are set by ability and teachers are expected to teach all three Science disciplines. The Development Stage finishes at the end of Year 8 and students will progress onto GCSE Science at the start of Year 9. Personalised provision in Science has been further developed recently at the Qualification Stage (Years 911). Students have the opportunity to achieve up to three GCSE’s in Science. This is achieved through Core Science, Additional Science and Further Additional Science courses. A small number of Year 11 students are currently following the BTEC Level 2 First Award in Application of Science. At the Advanced Stage (Years 12 & 13) we offer A-Level Biology, A-Level Chemistry and A-Level Physics. Details of the specifications for all examination courses are given below.

Specifications Qualification Stage Year 9 - 11 GCSE (Edexcel) Core Science Additional Science Further Additional Year 11 BTEC (Edexcel)

- 2SC01 - 2SA01 - 2SF01

BTEC Level 2 First Award in Application of Science

Advanced Stage Biology (OCR) Chemistry A (OCR) Physics A (OCR) Jan 14

- H021 / H421 - H034 / H434 - H158 / H558