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TLILIC2001A. WorkCover RTO Approval No: RTO800174. COURSE OBJECTIVE . This unit specifies the outcomes required for the operation of a powered.


TLILIC2001A WorkCover RTO Approval No: RTO800174 COURSE OBJECTIVE This unit specifies the outcomes required for the operation of a powered industrial truck equipped with a mast and an elevating load carriage to which is attached a pair of fork arms or other attachment, for licensing purposes. This definition also includes a truck on which the operator is raised with the attachment for order-picking. PREREQUISITE REQUIREMENTS Participants cannot be assessed if under the Age of 18 years. All applicants must be able to speak and/or understand the English Language. It is expected participants have some driving experience. Protective footwear must be worn for commencement into the course ID REQUIREMENTS Individuals renewing or applying for a National Certificate of Competency (licence) will be required to provide evidence of their identity to accredited assessors before commencement of an assessment that add up to 100 points or more. Documents must be originals and presented in person by the applicant. To ensure that ID requirements are met prior to course commencement, please ensure a copy of the Acceptable evidence of identity documents and their point value be obtained from your training organisation. APPLICATION OF THE UNIT This unit requires the operator to be able to plan the work, conduct routine checks on the forklift, shift loads in a safe manner, and shut down and secure the equipment after the completion of operations. This unit is based on the National Standard for Licensing persons performing high risk work and meets state and territory licensing requirements. ELEMENTS ADDRESSED IN TRAINING    

Plan work Conduct routine checks Shift load Shut down and secure forklift truck

DELIVERY OF TRAINING Training is delivered over a three day period including both theory and practical components through a face to face classroom environment and practical experience in a supervised outdoor environment. This course can be delivered by our Partnering Organisations. Please see attached leaflet explaining Roles and Responsibilities

For further information please call A Statement of Attainment is issued when an individual has completed one or more accredited units

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