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ALONSO-FINN, Fisica (vol. 1 e 2), Ed. Masson. GETTYS-KELLER-SKOVE, Fisica classica e moderna (vol. 1 e 2), Ed. Mc Graw-Hill. ROLLER-BLUM, Meccanica ...


Subject Code Subject Name Professor

56T004 Physics Saveria Santangelo

Department: Degree course: Class: Type of educational activity: Disciplinary Area: Scientific-Disciplinary Sector:

DICEAM Civil - Environmental Engineering (Curricula: Civil Eng.; Envir. Eng.; Energy Eng.) -L-7 Basic Disciplines Engineering FIS/01

Compulsory preliminary exams: Course Year: Semester:

Mathematic Analysis I I, II

ECTS: Hours:

12 96

Synthetic description: The course deals with the fundamentals of mechanics, thermodynamics, electrostatics and magnetostatics in vacuum. Acquisition of knowledge on: The course wants to provide Students with the capability i) to solve simple problems on the above indicated topics, making use of the acquired knowledge on mathematics, ii) to critically examine results obtained and to understand in which contexts they can be applied; 3) to transfer the acquired knowledge through a proper technical-scientific language. Evaluation method: Written test and oral exam Student’s independent work About 17 hours/ ECTS depending on his/her preliminary knowledge and competencies. Detailed course program KINEMATICS. Recalls on vectors. Motion in one dimension. Mean and instantaneous velocity. Mean and instantaneous acceleration. Motion with constant acceleration. Motion in two and three dimensions. Circular motion: centripetal and tangential acceleration. DYNAMICS. Newton’s laws. Free body diagrams. Friction force. Dynamics of the uniform circular motion. Non-inertial reference frames and fictitious forces. Work. Kinetic energy. Power. Conservative force fields. Potential energy. One-dimensional conservative systems. Conservation of mechanical energy. Non-conservative forces and mechanical energy variation. Simple harmonic oscillator. Harmonic oscillator energy. Simple pendulum. Harmonic motion and uniform circular motion. Composition of harmonic

motions. Mass systems. Mass centre. Linear momentum. Linear momentum conservation. Rotational kinematics. Rotational kinetic energy and moment of inertia. Moment of the force. Rotational dynamics of the rigid body. Angular momentum. Angular momentum conservation. FLUIDS. Statics of fluids. Stevino’s law. Archimede’s principle. Pascal’s principle. Dynamics of fluids. Continuity equation. Bernoulli’s theorem. THERMODYNAMICS. Thermodynamic systems and states. Thermal equilibrium temperature. Laws of ideal gases. Work on an ideal gas. Heat. Thermal capacity and specific heat capacity. Specific heat capacity of ideal gases. First principle of thermodynamics. Reversible and irreversible transformations. Heating machines. Carnot’s Cycle. Refrigerating machines. Second principle of thermodynamics. Carnot’s theorem. Entropy. Entropy of the ideal gas. ELECTROSTATICS AND MAGNETOSTATICS IN VACUUM. Coulomb’s law. Field E e potential V. Gauss’ theorem and applications. Capacitance. Capacitors connected in series and in parallel. Current intensity and density. Steady conditions. Ohm’s law. Resistors connected in series and in parallel. Joule effect. Field B. Laplace’s formulas. Electrodynamic forces between electric circuits. Lorentz’s force. Magnetic momentum of a turn. Ampere’s and applications. Concept of magnetic circuit and Hopkinson’s law. Resources and main references ALONSO-FINN, Fisica (vol. 1 e 2), Ed. Masson. GETTYS-KELLER-SKOVE, Fisica classica e moderna (vol. 1 e 2), Ed. Mc Graw-Hill. ROLLER-BLUM, Meccanica, onde e termodinamica (vol. 1), Elettricità, magnetismo, ottica (vol. 2) Ed. Zanichelli. ROSATI, Fisica Generale (vol.1), LOVITCH-ROSATI, Fisica Generale (vol.2), Ed. Ambrosiana.