University of Kashmir, Srinagar

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Apr 25, 2011 ... Following is the list (VI) of candidates provisionally selected for admission in BBA /BCA in below mentioned. Govt. Colleges for session 2011-12 ...

University of Kashmir, Srinagar Office of the Dean, College Development Council

Admission Notification Govt.BCA/BBA (VI) Following is the list (VI) of candidates provisionally selected for admission in BBA/BCA in below mentioned Govt. Colleges for session 2011-12. The selectees shall produce the relevant document in original including

category certificate, if any, for verification in the college. They shall also submit an affidavit sworn in before the 1st Class Magistrate to the effect that they are neither employees nor students in any of the Govt. /Private Departments/Institutions. They shall complete the admission formalities in the college by or before 28th April 2011, and shall not be informed individually.

Govt. Degree College Nawakadal, Srinagar.

BBA: Open Merit : 301003,301279,301283,300330 BBA: Payment Seats: 300072, 301417, 300874, 301447,300790 Islamia College Science & Commerce Sgr.

BBA: Open Merit: 301227,300459,300226,301051,300442. BBA: Payment Seats: 301415, 300670,300934, 301383, 300042. Govt. Degree College Bemina,Sgr. BBA: Open Merit: 301302

BBA: Payment Seats: 301361,300848, 300045, 300392,300304, 300977. Gandhi Memorial College Sgr.

BBA: Open Merit : 300740,301054,300788,300132 BBA: Payment Seats: 300386, 300640, 300086, 300012,300277,300285 Amar Singh College Srinagar

BCA: Open Merit:

200043, 200766, 200642, 200912, 200293, 200974

Islamia College of Science and Commerce, Sgr.

BCA: Open Merit: 200545. Govt. Degree College Pulwama.

BCA: Open Merit: 200291, 200318, 200264, 200012. Waiting list: 200165, 200106 Govt. Degree College for Women M.A.Road, BCA: Open Merit: 200414,200176,200358, 200968, 200031, 200040, 200433, 200835, 200903, 200447, 201000, 200550, 200496

Dean, College Development Council

F.No.(Adm-BBA/BCA-GDC)KU Dated: 25.04.2011

 Since the Colleges were issued number of the dropees list from time to time, it has stretched the admission process beyond required time. Therefore, further list/s of the candidates against the available vacancies, if any, shall be issued to them only by Counselling. The date of Counselling shall be notified soon.