University of Kashmir, Srinagar

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Sep 11, 2012 ... University of Kashmir, Srinagar. DATE SHEET. B.A/B.Sc./B.Com II Year (Session Sept-Oct, 2012). Annual Examination for Failure/Backlog/ ...

University of Kashmir, Srinagar DATE SHEET B.A/B.Sc./B.Com II Year (Session Sept-Oct, 2012) Annual Examination for Failure/Backlog/ Additional/Mercy Chance candidates of Kashmir valley and Kargil.

Time: 2 p.m. (Friday: 2:15 p.m)


Day & Date



Zoology---A Food & Nutrition—A Physics --A Zoology---B Food & Nutrition—B Physics --B

Functional English--A Applied Mathematics-I Persian--A Functional English—B Applied Mathematics-II Persian—B

General English—A

General English—A

Monday 17-09-2012

Geography—A Bio-Technology- A Textile & Clothing --A

Geography--A Kashmiri—A MCVP---A Arabic-A

Wednesday 19-09-2012

Chemistry –I Human Development—A Information Technology-A

Friday 21-09-2012

Electronics—A Community & Resource Mgt -A

Sunday 23-09-2012

Chemistry—II Home Science Education & Communication--A Seed Technology—A Environment & Water Mgt.-A Industrial Fish & Fisheries-A Bio-Chemistry-A

Tuesday 11-09-2012 Thursday 13-09-2012 Saturday 15-09-2012

Tuesday 25-09-2012

Thursday 27-09-2012

Botany—A Mathematics--A

Saturday 29-09-2012

Industrial Chemistry-I Electronic Equipment & Maintenance--A Fruit Preservation & Mushroom Cultivation—A Statistics--A

Tuesday 01-10-2012 Thursday 04-10-2012

Geology-A Sericulture-A

Sociology—A Computer Applications-A

Political Science—A

Psychology—A History--A Urdu—A Hindi—A Punjabi--A

Mathematics -A Philosophy-A

COMMERCE --------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------General English—A (M-I)

Corporate Accounts/ Company Accounts (M-II)

Company Law (M-II) Business Statistics/ Computer Programming & Concepts (M-III) Introduction to Computers & Information System/ Business Law (M-III) Marketing Management/ Economic Concepts & Business Environment (M-IV) Stenography Indian Financial System Accounting for Mergers & Acquisitions Management of Small Scale Enterprises(M-IV)

Economics—A Islamic Studies--A

Advertisement & Sales Promotion (New Course)

English Literature—A Travel & Tourism—A Statistics--A

Income Tax (Procedure & Practice )

Geology-A Education-A Indian Music—A

Wealth Tax & Gift Tax/ Stenography(Old Course)

Saturday 06-10-2012

General English—B

General English—B

Monday 08-10-2012

Geography—B Bio-Technology -B Textile & Clothing --B

Geography—B Kashmiri—B MCVP---B Arabic--B

Wednesday 10-10-2012

Chemistry –III Human Development—B Information Technology-B

Sociology—B Computer Applications-B

Sunday 14-10-2012

Industrial Chemistry-II Home Science Education & Communication--B

Psychology—B History—B Applied Mathematics-III

Tuesday 16-10-2012

Seed Technology—B Environment & Water Mgt.-B Industrial Fish & Fisheries-B Bio-Chemistry-B

Urdu—B Hindi—B Punjabi—B


Mathematics—B Botany—B Industrial Chemistry-III Electronic Equipment & Maintenance--B

Mathematics –B Philosophy-B


Economics—B Islamic Studies--B


Thursday 18-10-2012 Saturday 20-10-2012 Monday 22-10-2012

Geology—B Sericulture--B

Tuesday 30-10-2012

Fruit Preservation & Mushroom Cultivation—B Statistics--B Electronics—B Community & Resource Mgt –B

Thursday 01-11-2012 Saturday 03-11-2012

Environmental Studies

Geology—B Education—B Indian Music—B English Literature—B Statistics—B MCVP---C Political Science—B Travel &Tourism--B Environmental Studies

General English—B (M-I) (Communication Skills)

Office Management Consumerism/ Urdu/Hindi/Arabic/ Entrepreneurship/Development/ Business Math (M-IV) ---------------------------------------------

--------------------------------------------Advertising Sales Promotion & Sales Management-A Advertising Sales Promotion & Sales Management-B Environmental Studies

Note: 1. The candidates must carry valid Identity Cards and Roll No. Slips with them on each day of examination for 2.

Verification by the examination staff. Centre Notice shall be issued separately.

No: F (DS 2nd Yr Bi-Annual) KU/12 Dated: 31-08-2012 (INAM-UR-RAUF MALIK) Assistant Controller of Examinations (Unit-I)