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Oct 31, 2012 ... Revised Date Sheet. B.A/B.Sc./B.Com./BBA/BCA/MCMP/Fazila III year (Session Nov-Dec, 2012). Annual/Biannual Examination for ...

University of Kashmir Revised Date Sheet B.A/B.Sc./B.Com./BBA/BCA/MCMP/Fazila III year (Session Nov-Dec, 2012)

Annual/Biannual Examination for Regular/Fresh Private/Failure/Backlog/Additional/Mercy Chance/English Only candidates of Kashmir/Kargil/Leh (including Gurez and Tangdhar). Time: 10:30 a.m. DAY & Date Monday 12-11-2012 Wednesday 14-11-2012 Friday 16-11-2012

FACULTY SCIENCE/HOME SCIENCE Chemistry –I Human Development—A Information Technology-A

ARTS/SOCIAL SCIENCE/FAZILA Sociology—A Computer Applications-A Islamic Literature A (Interpretations of Quran)



Management of Organisations (NEW)/ Investment Management (OLD) MII-A

General English--A

General English--A

General English--A

Electronics—A Community & Resource Mgt -A

Political Science—A

301-Strategic Mgt/Business Taxation

Chemistry—II Home Science Education & Communication--A

Psychology—A History—A Arabic Literature A (Prose & Poetry)

Income Tax Law & Practice (NEW)/ Cost Accounting (OLD) MII-B

Seed Technology—A Environment & Water Mgt.-A Industrial Fish & Fisheries-A Bio-Chemistry-A

Urdu—A Hindi—A Punjabi--A

302-Management Accounting

Friday 23-11-2012

Industrial Chemistry-I Electronic Equipment & Maintenance--A

Economics—A Islamic Studies--A

Cost Accounting (NEW) /Computer Applications in Business (OLD) MIII-A

Operating System (BCA) /Advanced Graphics & Animation (NEW) Cyber Journalism (OLD)

Monday 26-11-2012

General English-B

General English-B

General English-B

General English-B

Thursday 29-11-2012

Chemistry –III Human Development—B Information Technology-B

303-Entrepreneurship Development

Multimedia Computing (BCA)/Media Laws & Ethics (NEW) Radio & TV Technology (OLD)

Saturday 01-12-2012

Electronics—B Community & Resource Mgt -B

Monday 03-12-2012

Industrial Chemistry-II Home Science Education & Communication--B

Psychology—B History—B Applied Mathematics-I

304-International Business

Thursday 06-12-2012

Seed Technology—B Environment & Water Mgt.-B Industrial Fish & Fisheries-B Bio-Chemistry-B

Urdu—B Hindi—B Punjabi—B

E-Commerce & Computerized Accounting/Advertising & Sales Management (NEW) MIV-A

Saturday 08-12-2012

Industrial Chemistry-III Electronic Equipment & Maintenance--B

Economics—B Islamic Studies--B

Monday 10-12-2012

Geology—A Sericulture--A

Geology—A Education--A

Wednesday 12-12-2012

Geology—B Sericulture--B

Geology—B Education--B

Monday 19-11-2012

Wednesday 21-11-2012

Sociology—B Computer Applications-B Islamic Literature B (Hadith & Fiqh) Political Science—B Arabic Literature B (Grammar & Translation)

General English A

Visual Programming (BCA) /Radio Programming (NEW) Multimedia Designing (OLD)

Auditing (NEW) / Principles of Management (OLD) MIII-B

305-Quantitative Techniques

Web Designing(BCA)/ a. Media & Society b. Media Appreciation (NEW) Photo Editing (OLD)

Data Communication & Computer Network (BCA)/Video Post Production (MCMP-OLD)

Value Added Tax (VAT)/ Export Procedures & Documentations (NEW) MIV-B 306-Computer Applications-III

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Friday 14-12-2012 Monday 17-12-2012 Wednesday 19-12-2012 Friday 21-12-2012 Monday 24-12-2012 Thursday 27-12-2012 Saturday 29-12-2012 Tuesday 01-01-2013 Thursday 03-01-2013 Saturday 05-01-2013

Botany—A Mathematics--A Zoology---A Food & Nutrition—A Physics --A Fruit Preservation & Mushroom Cultivation—A Statistics—A Zoology---B Food & Nutrition—B Physics --B Geography—A Bio-Technology -A Textile & Clothing --A Mathematics—B Botany—B Geography--B Bio-Technology-B Textile & Clothing-B Fruit Preservation & Mushroom Cultivation—B Statistics--B Food Science & Technology-A Food Science & Technology-B

Mathematics –A Philosophy-A Functional English--A Applied Mathematics-II Persian--A English Literature—A Travel & Tourism—A Statistics—A Functional English--B Applied Mathematics-III Persian--B Geography—A Kashmiri—A MCVP---A Mathematics –B Philosophy-B Geography--B Kashmiri—B MCVP---B English Literature—B Statistics—B MCVP---C Arabic-A Indian Music-A Arabic-B Indian Music-B

Income Tax Law & Practice (OLD) MIV-A Advertising Sales Promotion and Sales Mgt.(MIV) Functional Mgt/ Stenography/Exim Mgt./ Arabic/Urdu/Hindi (MIV) Secretarial Practice(MIV) Customs Procedure & Practice (MIV) Central Excise Procedure & Practice (MIV)

Note: 1. The detailed Centre Notice will be issued separately and will be available on the University Website 2. Candidates can download their Roll Number Slips/Admit Cards from the University Website. 3. The candidates must carry valid Identity Cards and Roll No. slips with them on each day of examination for verification by the examination staff.

No: F (RDS-3rdYr Annual) KU/2012 Dated: 31-10-2012 (Inam-Ur-Rauf Malik) Assistant Controller of Examinations (Unit-I)

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