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U.S. Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Less dependence on Foreign oil, and eventual transition to an ... 2002 Toyota Prius VIN #

U.S. Department of Energy

Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

HEV Fleet Testing Advanced Vehicle Testing Activities

Less dependence

2002 Toyota Prius

on Foreign oil,

VIN # JT2BK18U820042105

and eventual transition to an Description: This vehicle was assigned to an Electric Transportation Applications employee (in Phoenix, AZ) to accumulate mileage in home-to-work and local business travel missions,as well as a planned urban route as necessary to achieve monthly mileage objectives. Mileage accumulated in highway travel was less than 20% of the total miles driven.

Vehicle Specifications

petroleum-free vehicle

See HEVAmerica Baseline Performance Fact Sheet for more information.

Major Operations & Maintenance Events: None

VIN# JT2BK18U820042105


18000 16000

50 14000 40



Operating Cost: Purchase Cost: $23,064 (10/01)* Kelly Used Vehicle Price: $17,050 (2/03) Sale Price: $16,000 (2/03) Maintenance Cost: $0.02/mile Operating Cost: $0.14/mile Total Ownership Cost: $0.60/mile


Engine: 4-cylinder, 52 kW @ 4000 rpm Electric Motor: 33 kW Battery: Nickel Metal Hydride Seatbelt Positions: Five Payload: 865 lbs Features: Regenerative Braking CVT Transmission


30 8000


Fleet Performance

monthly fuel economy

Operating Performance: Total miles driven: 15,773 Cumulative MPG: 45.21



cumulative fuel economy 4000 10 2000 0

0 2 -0

03 nJa 2 -0

ec D

ov N

2 -0 ct O

02 pSe

02 gAu

2 l-0 Ju 02 nJu 2 -0

ay M

2 r-0 Ap 2 -0 ar M

1 -0

02 bFe 02 nJa 1 -0

ec D

ov N

* Purchase includes dealer price with options plus taxes. It does not include title, license, registration, extended warranty or delivery fee costs. Gas figured at $1.80/gallon.

cumulative mileage

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