Week 4 - Millennium

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Oct 29, 2012 ... ‗ENFORCER' ArtWork by Mr Dan Torocsik—Mr Campbell with our team. Email: [email protected] Phone 02 6029 8377.

Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.billabong-h.schools.nsw.edu.au

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Billabong Highlights Term 4 Week 4

Monday 29 October 2012

‗ENFORCER‘ ArtWork by Mr Dan Torocsik—Mr Campbell with our team.


Sydney Excursion

Congratulations to all the students who participated in the Sydney Excursion last week. You were fine ambassadors for the school and you would have all gained from the educational and social experiences that were provided. Thanks to Mrs Mackinlay, Mrs Torocsik and Mr Taylor for accompanying you and to Mrs Ferguson for her organisation.

Home School Liaison Officer Mr Honeyman (HSLO) is continuing to be at school each week to interview and follow up students with poor attendance records or with a significant number of unexplained absences. The school is also focusing on a very small number of students who truant from school.

HSC Exams The HSC Exams enter their third week today. This week the students have Modern History, English Extension, Geography, PDHPE, History Page 1

Extension, Textiles, Physics and Legal Studies.

P & C Meeting Thanks to the parents who attended the P & C Meeting last Tuesday. This committee plays an important role at the school and I would encourage more parents to consider to become involved.

Curriculum Structures for 2013-2014 Students in Years 9 and 10 next year will study their electives as a Stage 5 group. In other words, students from both years maybe in the 100 hour courses that are being run. This enables the school to significantly increase the options available to the students. Once the HSC Exams are completed the Curriculum Committee is going to investigate further the college model of curriculum delivery. A significant number of schools are swapping to the model whereby students study 3 subjects a year over the two years of the HSC course. The staff is in favour of this model and a public forum will be held at the start of 2013 to explain it fully.

Billabong Highlights

Principal Cont... Solar Car Challenge 2012 The rest of this year will be used to work out the best way to implement this After 3 months our solar car ―The Enforcer‖ had its race day last Friday at Transformer Park. It competed with 13 other cars made by students change if it is to go ahead in 2014.

School Based Traineeships/ Apprenticeships A number of our students have signed up to complete School Based Traineeships or Apprenticeships as part of their HSC program of study. Further information is available from the school about these options. P Carroll

Calendar October 31 Year 7 Gala Day—Albury

November 1 * Grip Leadership Conference —SRC at Albury Entertainment Centre * Girls’ Cricket—Albury * Davidson Shield Cricket at Wade High School * Semi Finals Premiers Debating Challenge at Billabong High Page 2

from the Albury Wodonga region. Billabong High School’s team comprised of Adrian Link, Sean Peake, Nicholas O‘Keeffe, Travis Shearer and Shaun Turvey. Along with their mentor, Matt White from the Ettamogah Rail Hub, they designed and constructed ―The Enforcer‖ in three months. It was a sleek, mean, four wheeled driving machine that cornered as if it were on rails! Unfortunately, on race day, there were a few technical hitches with our remote control and receiver which were out of our control that regularly forced ―The Enforcer‖ off the track. Eventually these problems were overcome. With some excellent driving from the boys, ―The Enforcer‖ managed to clock up 79 laps, one of which was the third fastest of the day, to finish 8th. Congratulations goes to Wodonga TAFE whose team finished first with 134 laps. A huge thankyou goes to Matt for all his efforts over the past term. His commitment was truly appreciated by the team. We would also like to thank Mr Torocsik for the design of our T-Shirt. The T-Shirt was a major factor in allowing us to win the team with best presentation on the day ($300 prize donated by MICEEP). And finally, thanks to Stefan Link who kindly volunteered to drive some of the boys to Wodonga on race day. Mr S Campbell—Solar Car Challenge Coordinator




Exercise books and stationary for sale at the canteen


Billabong Highlights

Billabong Mobile Car Cleaning

DER Laptop Update – Janet Paech TSO

Based in Culcairn—covering the towns of In recent months I have had laptops handed into me with Henty, Holbrook and surrounding areas. screen damage. Vehicles can be detailed on site and there 1. Students carrying the laptop the wrong way. Walking a are no travel costs involved. short distance by gripping the open screen with your For bookings or more information please feel thumb and finger has put cracks across the screen and free to contact Vern White 0424 253 590. it is obvious where the thumb was. 2.


Students not having an appropriate case to put the laptop in. There are hard cases available in the front office for a small cost of $12 compared to the $249 repair bill. If you are Year 10 & 11 take up the offer because you will have another 1 or 2 years of bringing it to school. Students being reckless with their bags – pretend you have a fresh egg in your bag so you don’t throw it or kick it because there is something fragile in it.

During the school holidays I began the process of ―Graduating‖ the Year 12 laptops back to them (if they completed Year 12). The procedure takes the DER links from the device and allows the students to take their devices and use them without having to log into the DER system. If any Year 12 have not yet handed their devices in, they can do so anytime. The offer expires April 2013 and then they will no longer work. The Pool devices of that particular model will still be active and can be used at school.

Page 3

If any students would like some ideas on how to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create some incredible posters & presentations please let me know and I’m happy to pass on some handy hints.

Billabong Highlights

Border Language Poster Competition Languages Students from across the Border have recently participated in the BMLTA (Border Modern Language Teachers Association) Poster Competition. Schools supply 3 entries from each year group and language taught. Over all winners are presented with certificates and a prize from their school. This year all the posters will be on display in the Albury Library Museum Community Display section. They will be on display until the end of October. Congratulations to all the students who had their work selected for the competition and display. Well done to all those who worked hard on their posters. We look forward to more exciting, original student work in the years to come.

Solar Car practice run on the basketball courts, final changes before the main event (See left) Page 4

CANTEEN ROSTER OCTOBER/ NOVEMBER 31 Julia Muller 1 Gloria Wenke 2 Sarah Trescowthick 5 Cindy Wardius