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Week. Assignment. Week 1. Submit Teacher Candidate Information Form to Chalk and Wire. Confirm date/time for Observation #1. Week 2. Complete graduation ...

Week   Week  1   Week  2   Week  3  

Week  4  

Submit  Teacher  Candidate  Information  Form  to  Chalk  and  Wire   Confirm  date/time  for  Observation  #1   Complete  graduation  app  -­‐-­‐  http://uca.edu/graduateschool/graduation-­‐forms/   Register  for  Praxis  II  PLT/Pedagogy  test  (www.ets.org)     Submit  Authorization  for  Release  of  Confidential  Information  to  ADE  (if  necessary)   Submit  Philosophy  of  Education   Submit  Journal  Entry  #1  (Focus:    Challenges  encountered  thus  far  )   Work  on  Guidance  and  Behavior  Plan  (Due  next  week)   Submit  Class  Profile  and  Lesson  Plan  at  least  48  hours  prior  to  visit   Observation  #1     Submit  reflection  for  Observation  #1  within  24  hours  after  visit   Submit  Guidance  and  Behavior  Plan   Work  on  Professional  Development  Plan  (Due  next  week)  

Week  5  

Submit  Journal  Entry  #2  (Focus:  Areas  of  improvement  from  Observation  #1)   Submit  Professional  Development  Plan  (Part  I)  

Week  6  

Distribute  to  students  the  permission  to  videotape  forms  (if  necessary)   Submit  Journal  Entry  #3  (Focus:  Guidance  and  Behavior  Plan  Update)  

Week  7  

Work  on  Unit  Plan  and  Impact  on  Student  Learning  Project   Class  Profile  and  Lesson  Plan  for  videotaped  observation  (48  hrs  prior  to  lesson)   Videotape  lesson  for  Observation  #2  

Week  8  

Deliver  Observation  #2  video  and  submit  all  supporting  documents   o Formative  Observation  Form  and  Lesson  Self-­‐Scoring  Rubric  for  video   o Reflection  for  videotaped  observation  

Week  9  

Submit  Journal  Entry  #4  (Focus:  D3  –  Professional  Relationships)   Work  on  Reflection  for  Guidance  and  Behavior  Plan  (Due  next  week)   Submit  Unit  Plan  and  Impact  on  Student  Learning  Project  (Part  1)  

Week  10  

Week  11  

Week  12  



Confirm  with  supervisor  date/time  for  Observation  #3     Submit  Reflection  on  Guidance  and  Behavior  Plan   Journal  Entry  #5  (Focus:  D4  –  Communicating  with  Parents)   Pre-­‐Test  for  Impact  on  Student  Learning  Project   Submit  passing  Praxis  II  PLT/Pedagogy  scores  to  MAT  office   Submit  Professional  Development  Plan  (Part  II)   Personalize  Chalk  and  Wire  homepage  (include  photo  of  you  with  your  students)   Submit  Class  Profile  and  Lesson  Plan  at  least  48  hours  prior  to  visit   Observation  #3   Submit  reflection  for  Observation  #3  within  24  hours  after  visit   Complete  Post-­‐Test  for  Impact  on  Student  Learning  Project  

Week  13  

Submit  Journal  Entry  #6  (Focus:  Open  discussion  of  internship  experience)   Analyze  data  from  pre/post-­‐test   Submit  Unit  Plan  and  Impact  on  Student  Learning  Project  (Part  2)  

Week  14  

Verify  with  Supervisor  that  assignments  are  complete  to  this  point   Write  and  submit  reflective  essays  –  one  for  each  domain  

Week  15  

Complete  program  surveys  on-­‐line  (Check  UCA  e-­‐mail  for  links.)   Save  and  upload  completed  survey  certificates   Submit  finished  portfolio  to  university  supervisor