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*Test names are registered trademarks of the American Dental Association. 1- 800-533-8850. 1-213-452-5700 kaplanmedical.com medical. KAPLAN®. NBDE.

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medical 1-800-533-8850 1-213-452-5700 kaplanmedical.com *Test names are registered trademarks of the American Dental Association.

About Kaplan Medical NBDE Part I & II Preparation ®

Kaplan Medical offers NBDE® preparation courses at a Kaplan center near you. The course components include: NBDE® review books

A diagnostic exam with computer-analyzed feedback ◗ Modeled after the actual


◗ Provide comprehensive outlines, margin

Part I and II

◗ Pinpoints your strong and weak areas by subject

notes with high-yield tips, mnemonics and study strategies written by faculty experts

◗ Part I book covers basic dental science

Video lectures ◗ Part I videos include lectures on Oral Microbiology, Oral Anatomy, Infection Control, Physiology, Biochemistry, Dental Anatomy, and NBDE® Strategy Seminar videos

◗ Part II videos include lectures on Infection Control, Antibiotic Premedication and Dental Public Health

◗ 10 Dental Case Studies, complete with Radiographs, Dental Charting, questions and explanations

$699 (3 months) $699 (3 months)

$1,699 (12 months)

Subject review tests and explanations ◗ Kaplan Medical has created exam-style, subject-

◗ The most recent exams released by the Joint

$999 (6 months)

NBDE® Part I & II Combo

and includes 10 dental case studies and a strategy guide to help with this challenging area of the exam

Released NBDE® Part I & II exams with detailed explanations

$999 (6 months)

NBDE® Part II Prep

◗ Part II book covers clinical dental science

specific tests for Part I and II with detailed explanations that review the correct and incorrect answer choices

Tuition NBDE® Part I Prep

and includes detailed illustrations and important dental anatomy topics


Commission on National Dental Examinations are available in Kaplan Centers and written explanations by Kaplan dental experts are provided for each question

For detailed information about the NBDE® Part I and II, including preparation strategies, visit us online at

www.kaplanmedical.com 2

Qbank Online Kaplan Medical’s NBDE® Part I Qbank is an innovative study tool that allows you to customize your own practice tests. Qbank is the most flexible & convenient practice tool available for Part I—and it’s completely tailored for you by you. This option includes: ◗ 1,000 NBDE® -style questions with comprehensive explanations of why the right answer is correct and why the distracters are incorrect

Choose eithe r 1 or 3 months of access!

◗ Ability to test yourself in a variety of ways: take the tests covering all NBDE® subjects or specify combination of subjects you want included in your exam

◗ Continuously updated onscreen performance feedback with “bank statements” that graphically display performance by discipline

◗ Accessibility 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any computer with Internet access

Tuition $99/1

month OR $199/3 months


New! NBDE Part I Qbank + Review Book This option provides you with NBDE® Part I Qbank PLUS our Part I review book. You’ll receive: ◗ Six months of online access to 1,000 NBDE® -style questions with comprehensive explanations

◗ High-yield review material and the most recently released NBDE® Part I test explanations

◗ Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any computer with Internet access

Tuition NBDE® Part I Qbank + Review Book $399

To enroll today call 1-800-533-8850 or visit kaplanmedical.com


It’s easy to enroll

Call 1-800-533-8850 or mail your completed application to the address below.

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$699 (3 months) $999 (6 months)

■ NBDE® Part II Prep

$699 (3 months) $999 (6 months)

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NBDE® Part I & II Prep Combo NBDE® Part I Qbank + Review Book Qbank 1-month access Qbank 3-month access

$1699 (12 months) $399 $99 $199

Group rates are available for Dental School Programs. Call 1-800-533-8850 for more information. Phone

■ A check or money order (U.S. dollars) made payable to Kaplan, Inc. is enclosed.

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Dental School Location Cardholder Name Graduation Date (actual or expected) Signature Please note that all course offerings, program fees, and sites are subject to change. Kaplan is not responsible for any liabilities associated with changes that do occur. Audio or visual reproduction or resale of any materials is not permissible and may result in termination of your enrollment and/or legal action. Kaplan Medical is authorized under federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students. Call for an I-20 application today. I-20 applicants are required to enroll for a minimum of six months.




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