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Jan 28, 2013 ... ... coordinated). • Synopsis of professional accomplishments ... Member, National Association of School Nurses (NASN) Board of Directors. President ... Skills keywords would be: computer skills, management, bilingual/Spanish ... Develop a professional portfolio to showcase your accomplishments ...

YOUR CURRICULUM Title of Presentation Here VITAE &Here Subtitle RESUME CAREER CENTER UW1 161 (425) 352-3706 [email protected] WWW.UWB.EDU/CAREERS




What is a Resume or CV? •

Course of life – a work in progress

Succinct chronicle of past experiences and training

Multi-purpose, personal application for employment, educational opportunities, honors & awards, membership in organizations

Comprehensive list of professional accomplishments

Resume •

Universally used & expected by employers outside the academic environment

1-2 pages

Summarizes directly relevant experience

Short bulleted sentences with active verbs (authored, spearheaded, coordinated)

Synopsis of professional accomplishments

CV •

Graduate level, doctoral driven environments

Typically for application for teaching and research postings in a university or research setting

Comprehensive, more extensive document

Multiple pages (professional 2 – 4 pgs., more experience 4 – 7 pgs.)

A good CV is •Personally tailored •Targeted for position •Arranged in reverse chronological order •Abbreviated and succinct

•Like no other (captures reviewers attention from the start) •Specific

•Honest - Not misleading

It Is Also

Clear: well-organized and logical Concise: relevant and necessary Complete: includes all relevant professional experience and accomplishments Consistent: doesn't mix styles or fonts Current: up-to-date

Relevant and Targeted for position

• • •

Content • •

Differs across disciplines and audiences Depends on the purpose and requirements – scholarship, fellowship, graduate school, employment Determined by qualifications of the writer

CV’s include          

Personal Data Education/Training and Credentials/Licensing Professional Experience Honors and Awards Research/Internship Experience Publications/Scholarship and Presentations Professional Association Memberships Leadership and/or Community Service Experience Languages and International Travel References *

Personal Data      

Full Name Address (optional) Telephone number (land or mobile) E-mail address* LinkedIn account or eportfolio address Name should be the header or footer on every page Over A Chiever 345 Grebhorn Lane, Apt. 7C Lookout, WA 98165 123-456-7889 123-543-2121(m) E-mail: [email protected]

Education  

 

Name of the institution Degree sought or completed with the date of completion or date of anticipated completion Licensing & Certification Omit high school unless requested Education University of Washington, Bothell Washington Master of Nursing (MN), June, 2009 University of Washington, Bothell, Washington Bachelor of Science, Nursing , June 2007 Or Master of Nursing University of Washington, Bothell Washington June, 2004 Bachelor of Science, Nursing, University of Washington, Bothell Washington, June 2002

CURRENT LICENSE AND CERTIFICATION Registered Nurse Maryland Board of Nursing (License No. XXXXX) Education and Credentials University of Washington, Bothell Washington Master of Nursing (MN), June, 2009 Texas Registered Nurse License Certified Public Health Nurse (PHN) Pediatric Advanced Life Support Provider (PALS) Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Provider (ACLS) Trauma Nurse Core Course Provider (TNCC) Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE)

Honors and Awards 

Academic and Scholarship Awards

Scholarships and/or Fellowships

Academic, Departmental, Organizational and/or Community Awards AWARDS Annual Dean’s List (2012, 2011, 2010) – outstanding academic record Distinguished Scholar. (2011) – Nursing Department academic award Gilman Scholarship (2012) – scholarship awarded to top student in Honors Program based upon academic record in first three years of undergraduate study Tutor of Merit. (2012, 2011) – Nursing Department service award

Professional Associations and Presentations 

Organization name – don’t use acronyms

Dates of membership

Leadership positions held (office or committee)

Professional presentations – lectures, workshops, group discussions, in-services, case presentations

Affiliations Member, National Association of School Nurses (NASN) Board of Directors President, Indianapolis Chapter of NASN Presentations Presenter & Planner, National Association of Hispanic Nurses – Arlington Chapter, 4th Annual Conference, Arlington, Texas 2010 Cultural Influences on Smoking Behaviors of Korean Americans. 132nd Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association, Washington, DC, November 6-10, 2011.

Professional Experience 

Research, internship, work

Position title


Dates of association

Accomplishments – Action and Result

Singular School System, Motorola, Arkansas


Certified school nurse, with master’s degree, responsible for the health care of 75 developmentally disabled children and 17 faculty members. Initiated and launched family health program, including immunization updates, nutrition counseling, and exercise program, that received community excellence award in 2000. Conducted yearly CPR updates for faculty. Developed after-school swim program and swim meet for children with special needs. Completed Red Cross lifeguard certification program.

Community Service and Professional Activities    

Community service, volunteer, leadership Special talents Language fluency Travel

PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES 2011-present Member, American Nurses Association 2009-present Member, American Public Health Association 2007-present Member, Asian Pacific Islander Caucus of American Public Health Association COMMUNITY SERVICE 2011-2012 Volunteer, Transition House, Battered Women’s shelter, Boston, MA 2010-2012 Coordinator, Sandwich Outreach to the Homeless, Boston, MA 2007-2009 Advocate, Everywoman’s Center Rape Crisis Hotline, Amherst, MA

Publications 

Title of papers published (journal articles, book chapters, books) Include school or work related writing (pamphlets, patient teaching manuals, policies procedures, patient care guidelines, articles for professional association or hospital newsletters) Place and date of publication

Name, “Choosing Change,” Advance for Nurses Magazine, 2010. Name, “Nurses with Borders,” Minority Nurse Magazine, 2008. Name, “Does the NCLEX-RN Pass the Test for Cultural Sensitivity?” Minority Nurse Magazine, 2007.

Getting Started 

Personal data

Brief sentence or paragraph describing your skills* - Ask yourself: what is your caregiver or nurse practitioner philosophy?


Honors & Awards

Laundry list of professional experience and accomplishments

Use industry and job description keywords

A dedicated professional, benefiting from experience working effectively as part of a multi-disciplinary team overseas in different systems and administrations. Resourceful, responsive to change while achieving collective objectives in the caring and development of patients. Processing a developed patient centered philosophy of care through innovative caring skills together with practical clinical skills. Record of managing busy caseloads, promoting services, increasing personal and professional standards.

Importance of Keywords •

Skills keywords would be: computer skills, management, bilingual/Spanish, multitasking, public speaking, teaching, organizational skills, leadership, training, and counseling. Credentials/experience keywords: RN, BSN, nurse practitioner, critical care, I.V. certified, CPR certified, pediatrics, quality improvement, ventilator management, chemotherapy administration, oncology, trauma, clinical research, case management, phlebotomy, managed care or project management.

Cardillo, Donna, RN, Keywords are Key to Getting Your Online Resume Read, NurseLink

Next Steps Significantly reduced costs

The goal is to get an interview 

Format – clear and consistent

Streamlined operations

Customize each resume for targeted job

Decreased employee turnover by 15%

List responsibilities and accomplishments

Show value to an employer

Contributed to a savings of $500K by implementing a new check in protocol while maintaining essential commitment to customer service

List quantifiable achievements – employers are looking for return on investment* Proofread – have someone else edit for spelling, grammar, and verb tense.

Other Tools 

 

 

Send a customized cover letter with every application emphasizing skills important to the employer Cultivate references and create a reference list Network, Network, Network – Create a LinkedIn account Keep Resume/CV updated yearly Develop a professional portfolio to showcase your accomplishments

Professional Title of Presentation Here Portfolio to Subtitle Here Career CAREER CENTER UW1 161 (425) 352-3706 [email protected] WWW.UWB.EDU/CAREERS




Professional Portfolio The value of a well-rounded professional portfolio is in connecting experiences to academic and career opportunities 

Professional Portfolio  Description: Collection of documents and artifacts that demonstrate your content knowledge, skills and experience  Purpose: Marketing your skills and abilities for graduate school application and job search  A meaningful selection organized into sections, is a living document and is evidence based  Contain samples of your best work

Be sure to update and edit your web presence and social networking sites.

Components of a Professional Portfolio Some of your Academic Portfolio pieces will go into your Professional Portfolio Examples of what to include: 

Presentations, articles or professional association contributions

Letters of recommendation or patient comments*

Patient Treatment or Plan of Care that you developed or contributed to

Website content development

Samples of work you contributed

Writing samples for graduate school

Examples of project management efforts

Using your Professional Portfolio You will add to this throughout your professional life, not always knowing the career path you will take, but continually customizing it to what you are applying for  Use your Portfolio to: 

Create your Elevator Speech (30 second personal introduction) Documentation of who you are what you have done and where you want to apply those skills Resume Building Targeted relevant accomplishments and experiences Interviewing Customize the sections of portfolio for the graduate school or job you are applying to

Resources 

CVs 

References and Letters of Recommendation 

How to make an Appointment with the Career Center Eportfolio tutorial for students

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